Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not Rhetorical Questions

I seriously want some advice, so answer away!

1. When do your kids do their chores? Every day? Once a week? Before dinner? After dinner? In their sleep?

2. When do they do their homework? Right after school? After dinner? Never, and that's why they are failing in all subjects?

3. How do you motivate yourself to tackle big, huge, monumental projects that would only take one 9 hour work-day if you had no children in the house, but because there are children, you're looking at 2 weeks or more?

4. How is “bread of life” an appropriate description of the Savior and the blessings he offers us? (this is for my Sunday School lesson this Sunday --I want some opinions!)

5. If you had a job that could seriously and literally let you live anywhere you wanted to live, and school systems for your kids were awesome everywhere, where would you choose to live? Why? If you're already there, how did you get there? And how do I visit you to bask in your wisdom?


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Since I already used up my limit on long comments earlier this week, ask me about some of these on Saturday if they're still burning questions by then.

And also, check out, my new chore love.

Janelle said...

I love where I live, but I've loved every place I've ever lived in. I imagine it's the person and not the place that brings satisfaction with their location.

Schools are less important than you think. I'm sure your geniuses could thrive academically anywhere.

Jessica said...

1. What chores? I try not to look at their bedrooms or trip over their backpacks or shoes. If someone is coming over or I’m really sick of looking at their stuff I scoop it up and dump it in their bedrooms.
2. The three oldest do homework most of the time when they are not in school, sleeping, eating, dating or working for someone else. They did very little in elementary school (except reading). I don’t think should have to. Seriously, if your child isn’t battling a learning disability, how can they fail a subject? In Jr. High they are pretty much able to keep up with it on school time, except for the big projects.
3. I usually don’t get the big projects done, unless my mother-in-law is coming to visit.
4. I don’t know but I think He is whole grain, really hearty substantial bread.
5. Somewhere near a beach in Hawaii or Southern California. I love the beach and warm weather. All things considered though, I’d live wherever my children are.

FluffyChicky said...

1. They clean their rooms on the weekend before they get to play with friends. Then they have the daily chore of helping me with dishes and laundry. Before TV time.
2. We do homework right when we get home from work/daycare. They sit at the snack bar and do it while I make dinner. If they don't finish it, then they get to do it after dinner and dishes are done. Then they can watch TV for a bit. Then we do piano lessons and bath time. Then bed! :)
3. I break the huge project into a bunch of little ones. It is much less overwhelming for me that way.
4. No clue. I just got released as Gospel Doctrine teacher because of my cluelessness. :) I should have paid attention in seminary better.
5. I like where I live now. Good job, good schools, good people, lots of family nearby. Perfect. You know where I am, so come bask away. :) But more likely I will be the one basking in your wisdom.

FluffyChicky said...

Wow, Blogger ate my comment like 3 times. Hopefully they don't show up later. That would be awkward!

Biff said...

1. Same as yours.
2. Same as yours.
3. Procrastinate until I have to get it done in a completely impossible period of time.
4. Something to do with yeast, growth, and sustenance.
5. So many options... London, Shanghai, Malibu, Heber. I think I'd just want to move every year.

Amanda D said...

My kids used to do chores right when they got home from school. Then life got busy with piano, scouts, basketball, soccer, homework, friends, etc. Lately, they do chores on the weekends and not really during the week.

Homework is frustrating for me. I'd love if they did it right after school but when I make them do it then I feel guilty because I feel like they need a break between school and homework. They have to do it before they play the computer though.

Those projects? I think about them but don't ever tackle them.

Honestly, I'd move back to the Provo area. Loved living there.

Cardalls said...

1. Daily chores=piano practicing, making beds, helping with dishes, cleaning up playroom. Saturday mornings they get a chore list and we work together as a family to get the house clean.
2.HOmework is done before dinner and before they can play computer or watch TV
3.No monumental projects around here...just trying to survive. Figure there will be a time andseason for projects andit's not when I have a bunch o little ones.
4.Not thinking that deeply this morning except that when Ifeed my would with the words ofChrist I am filled.
5.No perfect place to live, just have to bloom where you're planted! Don't love living in Vegas, but it's where we are and we are making the best of it!

Cardalls said...

oh boy...On #4 I meant when I feed my soul with the words of Christ

Amy said...

We're still figuring out all these questions too, but here's what we try to keep consistent with (consistency is my biggest challenge):

1. After school before play/tv or it won't get done. Only 1 or 2 easy jobs though. Then a few more weekly ones on Saturday. I agree with Steph and absolutely love to motivate them.

2. Again, right after school, before chores, or it won't get done.

3. Tough one. We haven't taken on any big projects lately. Probably would need to plan a day for the kids to visit grandma + grandpa, or a day out with daddy.


5. I like where we are now but would want to travel more often to warmer climates. Winter is too long here! Although I wouldn't mind being in an area that has more everyday outdoor recreation options. I do like being close to my family, have great schools, and access to much needed health care.

Alison Wonderland said...

1. They have chores that they do before school (emptying the dishwasher and making lunches) and bigger cleaning chores on weekends.

2. I've never figured this one out. I like the idea of right after school and then they play but they have been at school all day so...

3. Depends on the project. Sometimes it's just hold your breath and dive in but more often it's bite size pieces.

4. I've got nothing.

5. I occasionally fantasize about moving to Ireland. I've been but I don't really know enough about it to know if I'd really like it but it's a fun dream.

flip flop mama said...

1. Here chores are done on a need basis. Ee dont really have a schedule except laundry. I do that on Monday so it needs to be put away Monday it Ruesday afternoon.

2. Homework is dobe either right after school or ill if shes playing outside ill call her in a few minutes early for dinner and she can do it then.