Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's Saturday Night. And Technically, It's Later Than You Think, Thanks to That Little Thing Called DST.

*There is, or was, a cat in our wall. Long story. He might be out now, or he could still be in. Yeah, I'll have to blog about it when it's all over because it's too long right now. I don't feel like writing about it. Just know that as of now, the cat is alive, there is a way out, and I left food for him. That is all.

*I had a fabulous conversation yesterday with my NYC buddy, and I was reminded again why I miss her so much. She's pretty much my hero.

*I haven't bitten my fingernails for over 2 weeks! Maybe 3? Crazy part is that they now need a trim; they're clicking on the piano keys.

*I live in the best Stake in the whole Church, hands down. I was reminded of this while attending all the Stake Relief Society Celebration events this weekend. I'm really grateful I took the time to go --I needed it! Things learned:
1. Messy and Happy is better than Clean and Mean
2. Music, for me, is the best catalyst for feeling the Spirit
3. I miss my husband so much. So very, very much. In fact, as I told him last night, I find myself aching for him. It's now an ache, dear reader. An ache.

*Daylight Savings Time is evil. Except in October. Then it feels kind of nice.

*My girls did an all-day one-day dance workshop today with some older high school girls in the Stake. It was so much fun to watch them! #2 has such a spit-fire personality (and she's such a ham!) and #1 is so concerned about making sure she does things correctly; both of them have so much energy. I love my girls!

*Look for me at Mormon Women on Monday.

*Metaphor-that-applies-to-me-a-lot-lately: Drowning. Flailing? You know, head just above water, treading water, barely staying afloat --that one. It's getting old. I think I might trade it in for "giving up" or "hiring a nanny and joining a mariachi band because the word 'mariachi' sounds cool." Maybe "sit around all day watching soaps and eating bon-bons and wonder why my house is starting to look the ones on Hoarders and my kids are doing drugs." But probably not. At least not yet, anyway.

*I love Sundays. I'm looking forward to tomorrow even thought I'll be doing half of Church alone. Church = Peace.

And with that, adieu, dear reader. Adieu. Or, as #3 likes to say, "Peace out, suckas!"

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Church = Peace for you. Especially since you have to do it whilst wrangling 5 kids alone.

I hate DST. But that's no secret.