Friday, March 11, 2011

I Went Dark for Five Days. That's Close to a Week, Right?

Instead of cleaning the office, I've organized all my recipes, cleaned the outside front of the house (taking down the Christmas lights --yes, they were still up-- trimming trees, sweeping gutters and carports --okay, just one. We only have one carport), and attended 3 SEP's (parent-teacher conferences). I think I grocery shopped and changed a bazillion diapers, too. Swept, vacuumed, did some laundry, and ooh! Organized one bookshelf in the office!

See? See? I'm doing it.
Our DVR didn't record American Idol Wednesday night because it was too far down on the list. I remedied the situation quickly, but I missed all the singing. Was it good? Who was your favorite? Any memorable things I should know? I could just watch online, but who has time for that? I was very happy, however, to see that Ashtyn girl leave. She shouldn't have been picked as the wild card, anyway. Blah.
Bragging time:
#1 (4th grade) is at a 6.5 reading level and is getting 100.9% on almost everything. She's basically every teacher's dream, and I only say this because that's what every teacher has told me about her since Kindergarten!

#2 (2nd grade) is at a 4.5 reading level and the teacher feels the need to see if she can go higher. He also called her the "example" in the class and her math is amazing!

#3 (1st grade) is at a 2.5 reading level (which is HUGE for him), his math skills are skillz, his behavior has improved tremendously, along with his writing. I'm so proud of him!

#4 (pre-school) still likes to go to school and can spell his name! He can write his name!

#5 has started dancing a lot. And running. There is nothing, dear reader, more adorable than a 19 month old running up and down the hallway, bobbing his head to the music. I think he might die of over-kissing because I cannot stop kissing his adorable face!
The weather has given me so much joy! Spring, oh, how I've missed you! Stay around a bit before it inevitably snows again. Please? The kids, having an early-out day yesterday due to SEP's, played outside for hours. Spring means mud, though, and so bath time and showers were a must. But I didn't mind. If mud means sunshine and Spring, bring on the mud!
I cut #3's hair last night. It's not that great (I'm terrible at cutting hair), but he was looking like a Beatle, and so I had to cut it. He looks so much older, now. Which is weird.
Tonight my Stake is hosting an event to coincide with our big Relief Society party tomorrow. The original cast members of the Nauvoo Pageant will be performing for us! (Our Stake President wrote it. The Nauvoo Pageant, that is --the new one. So, we kind of have connections). I'm excited to go, although I'm sad that Brandon won't be going with me since he's at school. Luckily, I'm passed the point of feeling awkward when I have to sit/be alone.
I just finished reading The pH Miracle and I loved it. I just wish I had enough motivation and guts to apply it. I'm going to try to implement some of it, though --and my green smoothies have made a big comeback. It helps when I have examples like my neighbors, who share their awesome recipes with me!
I'm praying for the people in Japan and other Pacific places right now. My neighbor is from Japan and I'm going to call her soon to see if her family is okay. So very, very scary.

When I first saw the picture of the cars and planes, I thought they were toys! They aren't.


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I have nothing interesting to say, other than: I love you my friend, and I smile when I think of you.

Julie said...

Thanks for the link to the pictures. I hadn't seen them and they were eye opening.

Fun to hear about your kiddos! It's so neat to see them excelling, isn't it? Yours are incredible.

Anonymous said...

A zillion diapers! You deserve a blogging break.

evitafjord said...

AI: I fastforwarded through all but Casey and Pia (I think that's her name), after listening to them for a little bit. I hit rewind on Casey's and watched it twice actually. Ashton wasn't the worst last night, but I don't mind that it was her either. Vote for the Worst has Paul McDonald as their pick, which made me sad at first because I really like him, except that if people really do follow that site's recommendations, then hopefully he'll stick around longer, so HA! He wasn't great this week, but I'm still a fan.