Wednesday, March 02, 2011

AI and BL

American Idol

I couldn't help it. I watched. I didn't see much of anything up until last night, so all the men were strangers to me (and the women will be, too). I have to say I was impressed (for the most part). I still find Steven Tyler super cool, and Jennifer Lopez is --dare I say it? --less annoying than Paula. But not much. Randy seems to be taking over a "simon-esque" role, and I'm glad. They need someone to tell it to them straight!

We voted last night, the girls and I. Who did we vote for?
Clint --pretty cool voice; nice groove to it.
Casey --wild; kind of in a weird way, but for some reason I want to see what else he'll do.
James -- SO. AWESOME. I loved his voice. It was a flawless rocker's voice, man!
Jacob -- His voice was so beautiful; like velvet, man! Velvet!
Paul -- He reminded me so much of Rod Stewart, and it wasn't just the song he picked. I don't know, but I just really, really liked him; the way he moved and sung would have looked dumb on any other person, but on him? I loved it.
Scotty -- What can I say? He's the next Josh Turner, for sure!

I hope they all make it!

The Biggest Loser

Still upset about Arthur. The Red Team used to be my favorite; now I'm mad.


Never A True Aggie said...

I know. I am actually kind of liking this years pick. The judges are not terrible either. So, we will see.
You didn't need to see the first couple of weeks. To me, it is all fluff anyway. I really like the Casey kid. He is also a musician. Actually, a lot of them are. They seemed to really pick out people who have multiple talents and some personality. Some...a little too much. That Jacob as pretty good though. Jared just needs to watch the Adam Lambert stuff. He can be his own, he just needs to find it. Can I officially end the faux hawk please?

Have you noticed that even Ryan is not as annoying as in the past season. Last time, I had enough of him.

evitafjord said...

I haven't watched AI past the first weeks in a long time and not at all for the last 2, but Casey and Paul have me hooked this time. Casey had me at melodica and it was a slam dunk when he played upright bass. I started watching this season just to see the new judges and almost stopped after the first 2 episodes because of them, but my husband kept watching it, so now I'm hooked, at least until those 2 are gone. The 6 we are rooting for are the same as yours except sub Tim Halperin in for Scotty on my list and in for Jacob on my husband's (admittedly Tim gets our vote based on last week more than last night).

Totally agree with Aggie about Seacrest. I found myself even liking him this season. He seems more mature or something.