Wednesday, February 09, 2011

More Blah-i-ness. Kind Of.

Go here. I wrote it. :)

Blah, blah, blah. I have a lot I would like to write about, but not really. I'm tired, I'm cranky, and everything I write will sound the same. I cycle through the same stuff, if you haven't noticed. I get annoyed with the same things, too. I write about my pet peeves, my Depression, my lack-of-eating-like-a-Nutritarian-like-I-want-to, my lack of exercise, my lack of motivation, my survival mode crisis thingy, my small (but very exciting!) improvements to my home, my calling, my kids, my husband, etc.
I guess that makes sense. It's my life, ain't it? I should be able to write about it. Even if it's cyclical and boring. So, let's examine my life, shall we? #1 stayed home sick today. #5 didn't sleep well last night AT ALL (which means neither did I), and I had to be up and at 'em because the new carpet was installed today! Huzzah! I really love it, too. I'll take pictures and show you. Some day.
I want to do Jacob's Cove, but I need to focus on my own gardening this year. I also want to get into dehydrating and sprouting, but I find my lack of ability to even do the basic stuff will prohibit me from trying new things. Why am I so impatient?
I leave too many blog comments on my cousin's blog. She's having her first kid soon and I want to tell her everything I wish I had known when I was having my first kid. But chances are, she's like how I was back then and won't want to hear it --or won't believe it when she does hear it. And so I find myself frustrated because I can't make other people learn faster. I mean, I know that, right? We learn through our experience. Still, I wish someone had told me NOT to get that epidural. Stupid epidural!
Why do the kids think bringing home rocks, big chunks of ice (that they put in the freezer when I'm not looking), bird's nests, sticks, and feathers is a good idea? I don't get it. I don't make them throw stuff out (much), but we have enough crap! Stop bringing in more crap! Which reminds me, I really need to get rid of all their crap. They have so many toys and they don't even use 'em. I keep trying to set aside a day to round everything up and donate most of it, but those days never come. They Never. Come. Maybe I'll pull an all-nighter and give everything away and when the kids wake up I'll be like, "What?! I don't know! It must have been the Anti-Claus!"
I've decided to try and go candy-free for Easter. I don't know if Brandon will go for it (this will be the first he's heard about it), and I know the kids won't be too happy, but they're going to get candy at school/church, anyway. It's not my job to enable their addiction to sugar, so I'm actually okay with being the "bad guy" if it comes down to it. I think I'll focus on egg-dying, flowers, and presents. Oh, yeah, and the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Why we associate unhealthy food with the Plan of Salvation is still beyond me.
I hate paying bills. Bills are not fun.
Remember how I loved winter yesterday? I hate it again today. I hate it because the sunshine is so deceiving. I want to be out in the sunshine, but when I go outside, my nose freezes off. And I want to walk in the sunshine, but I can't because the boys' noses freeze off. This is why, for my birthday, I am wishing for this. That way, I can bundle up said boys and keep them warm and entertained with books, snacks, toys, while I push them around. I'm hoping to get one soon. Then I can walk my 5K route every day. I have a route! I trained for my first 5K with this route. It's tried and true. See how this stroller would solve my winter woes? I can get outside, soak up some Vitamin D, get some exercise, and breathe fresh air, all without having to worry about the boys. Because I worry about the boys. Constantly.
I need to plant my seeds. Today. I have a bad habit of pushing/starting/getting excited and then stopping/failing/giving up.

Like I said. BLAH.


Emily & Co. said...

LOL at the Anti-Claus idea!

Becky said...

Cheryl - why no epidural? I don't know much about it, so I'm just curious - in case I have a kid one day :)

FoxyJ said...

My mom didn't buy us candy and stuff for Easter. One year she bought one Cadbury egg and cut it into six pieces for all of us to share. We still laugh about it. But, considering how much junk they'll get everywhere else you might as well go without buying them candy. I still don't get Easter presents, that just seems over the top to me.

FoxyJ said...

Oh, and I also throw away or recycle my kids stuff while they are at school or asleep. Most of the time they don't notice. If they have projects that are nice, I take pictures before I get rid of them.

michelle said...

I keep trying to set aside a day to round everything up and donate most of it, but those days never come. They Never. Come.

Turn it into a FHE. ;)

Amanda D said...

I'm the opposite - I would be saying: get that epidural! Go for it! As soon as you get there. :)

I hear on you on the toys thing. It gets to be too much and then it's overwhelming. Start with one shelf of games or one bucket of toys. A little bit at a time, my dear.

We do just a little bit of candy on Easter. They might get a treat at church but they certainly don't get a treat at school here for Easter. I don't really do gifts. Like Foxy J, I don't get that. I might do a small book or a bottle of bubbles but nothing bigger than that.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Loved the Anti-Claus. Ha ha ha

You have a supporter in me when it comes to discouraging epidurals.

Easter candy is my favorite. ;)

Cheryl said...

Reasons for not getting an epidural:

1. It's expensive. I went through two vials during my labor and I had no idea it would end up costing us so much. Good insurance will help that situation, though.
2. It stopped me COLD. My labor wouldn't progress from that point on without pitocin.
3. You can't feel anything in your lower body for HOURS after labor. This means you have a catheter. This also slows down healing time, uterus contractions, ability to use the bathroom, etc. I have a firm belief that if you get up and walk within 30 minutes of delivering a baby, your healing time will accelerate. I know this because I've done it.
4. My friend Mother of the Wild Boys ended up paralyzed and physically "disabled" and is unable to have more children because of a botched epidural.
5. Some women's reactions: Puking, headaches, inability to push.
6. Having no control over my lower body was hellish. For me. Like Amanda said, she loved her epidurals! I know my sister loves hers as well.
7. I was pressured into it by the nurse, the pre-natal class instructor, the doctor, and even my spouse (because he had felt pressure, too). There was absolutely no support for anything else (granted, that was 10 years ago). I hadn't even felt uncomfortable before they gave it to me. And with my second one, they gave it to me too late --it didn't kick in until after I gave birth to her. Then I was angry! Who wants to be paralyzed AFTER the deed is done, eh? But that whole labor story is crazy for a myriad of reasons.

So. Anyway. It's a personal choice, but honestly, unmedicated childbirth, to me, is glorious in every way. I am glad I've never gone back to epidurals.

Cardalls said...

Go for the epidural girl go for it! But get it before you are an 8 or else it won't work (just speaking from past experience). And may she not be the .5% that the epidural doesnt work once baby drops into the birth canal...( experience.)

mandy said...

Hey Cheryl
I am at your blog again. I hear you about the no candy at easter. They get enough else beside my house. The "Easter Bunny" brings spring things like bubbles and kites and a new spring outfit or dress. Talk to you soon
love mandy

Cheryl said...

Cardalls, so you're saying she should get something that, in your actual experience, ended up NOT being a good thing? ;)

Mandy! I miss you!!

Esther Noelle said...

Ha, love people's reactions to "don't get an epidural." So many solid reasons to not get one but I think people feel like they're being judged if they've gotten one... I'm so glad I didn't have one and had an amazing Hypnobabies birth!

And love the Anti-claus... we don't really do Santa so wouldn't work well here but that's hilarious!

becca said...

www.excaliburdehyrator is having a web special until feb 28th on their amazing dehydrators. Free shipping, books, and other freebies thrown in. Makes me feel better about the $250 price tag but I also know I'm not a canner and this will help me put up food in a not too labor intensive way. Check the'll love it. Check out too. Great ideas and info! Go gardens!

Becky said...

Thanks for all the information. I appreciate you sharing it (and I appreciate your blog insights).