Tuesday, February 08, 2011

And How Are You This Fine Evening?

I just put the kids to bed and none of them are asleep and none of them are happy and none of them are cooperating so I came downstairs so I wouldn't kill them all. And now I'm blogging. Because that's apparently what I do when I'm on some kind of rampage, eh?
I hosted #4's birthday party this afternoon --eleven boys ages 2-5 for an hour. It wasn't so bad, because #1 and #3 were around to help me out. Plus, boys like pinatas, gazillions of balloons, and pinatas. I'm just glad it's done. Now I can focus on #2's "late-over" on Friday.
This morning, as I was driving all over from here to there and everywhere, I was thrilled beyond belief to see a bright blue sky with crisp, white, glorious mountains. You know how sometimes it snows so much on the mountains, and the wind picks up and makes the tops all wispy-like? You know? Maybe? That was today. It was gorgeous. Beautiful. Spectacular. And for a rare moment (or four or ten), I actually loved winter. I did! I truly did. I loved winter today.
Miracle: I'm wearing earrings. I've seriously had some kind of an ear-piercing infection since September, and so for the last few months I haven't worn earrings. Brandon bought me some lately, and I LOVE them, and I was wearing one pair and the infection came back. Blah. But today, I decided to have a go again (since the infection has receded) and try a different pair and... no infection! No itching! The earrings are from the same place and made with the same stuff, so I'm not sure why these are working when the others didn't, but I ain't complainin' Mister.
New carpet is comin' in tomorrow! YAY! They called this afternoon and asked if tomorrow was too soon and I thought, "are you kidding?" It's never too soon for new carpet! Of course, it's just the living room carpet (which is surrounded by wood flooring), so it should only take an hour or two. It's not like it's the whole house. If it was the whole house, I could see why tomorrow would be too soon. Maybe.
The toddler has an ear infection. He was listless all weekend and I was so afraid for him and watching and wondering and praying and hoping his high fever would finally break. And now, with the antibiotics doing their job, he's into everything and whining a bit (because he's not fully recovered). Is it wrong to wish for listlessness back? Yeah, I'd rather have the crazy toddler over the sick one, but still, there's something nice about an immobile, quiet, sleeping-a-lot toddler that I love.
Best Sandwich EVER:
2 slices Dave's Killer Bread
one avocado (mashed and spread on the bread)
Roma tomatoes (sliced)
Spinach leaves
sprouts (any kind really)


evitafjord said...

My baby (okay, he's a Sunbeam and neither a baby nor even a toddler anymore) has had the flu since Friday, so he had 3 days of sleeping a lot, but now he's a little better too - in that he's not sleeping but still miserable and I'm wishing a little for listless - for both of us.

That sandwich sounds divine.

Biological Fantasyland said...

It must be that time of year my two little ones are sick too.

Love sprouts on sandwiches, I particularly like radish sprouts with cucumbers.

Cardalls said...

I actually appreciate listlessness in sick children...better than the whiny children that come instead!

flip flop mama said...

Last night I went to a RS Activity where we had a yoga class. Pure bliss after the day I had yesterday. Big Sister is misbehaving in school so to just sit there and relax and turn my mind off was perfect. Maybe you should do some yoga after the kids go to bed at night.

btw, I have had the same problem with earrings for years. After an hour or so my ears get itchy and they hurt. I've found that dipping the stem in neosporin first helps for a little while. However, I had the same weird experience a few weeks ago. I put some earrings in my ears for church and a few hours later they didn't hurt. I ended up forgetting about them and kept them in for days! I'm not sure what changed either because these have bothered me before. I'm actually wearing them right now. Weird bodies.

Yay for new carpet and antibiotics!