Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sometimes You Can Buy Happiness

Yesterday, I painted my living room wall. The color is mushroom. I think. Whatever it is, I'm lovin' it!

I also bought seeds. Lots and lots of seeds! I headed over to Vineyard to that awesome Vineyard place. They helped me find some good planting trays and lids. I know it's too early to be starting seeds indoors, but after reading up on it all here, I got excited! Plus, I like to plan. And be prepared.

While I was at the Vineyard place, I went into the greenhouse to soak up all of the green. Siiiiggghhh. It was so nice! There were some flowering plants on one table and the sign above it listed price and name. At the bottom it said: "Who says you can't buy happiness?" I bought some happiness right then and there and it's loveliness is gracing my counter.

I need to see a psychiatrist. Personally, I'm silently cursing my former psychiatrist for closing his private practice without finding me a new provider. Yeah, I know, "not his job" and all that, but still, you would think that the mentally ill would be deemed high-risk for high-riskiness behavior, and thus great care should go into making sure they are provided for in the event their drug-pushing doctors become unavailable to them. But maybe that's just me.

Dinner last night:
Finger Foods --hummus, carrots, cucumbers, tortilla chips, avocado, salsa, mixed raw nuts, blackberries, apples, celery, and Dave's Killer Bread!

Fabulous post. I like to read it when I look at all the work I need to do to make my dreams a reality. In fact, right now, I want to run outside and start digging in the frozen earth just so I can get a jump on spring planting. I mean, I already have the seeds and all. What are the chances it won't snow anymore? Yeah, yeah. I know.

What the kids saw in a neighbor's tree on the way home from school last week (and then proceeded to race home to grab the camera):

It's an owl, if you weren't sure. I guess it caused quite the crowd amongst school-aged kids and I was pleased to hear that everyone was respectful of the napping creature.

(Pictures were taken in Yellowstone by yours truly. Or Brandon. I'm not sure.)

Nature uses as little as possible of anything.
~Johann Kepler


Alison Wonderland said...

It's snowing, don't plant outside yet. However, I have it on good authority (my brother who's the closest thing to a farmer that I know) that you can start broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, onions and garlic inside now. So get it on, I say.

Alison Wonderland said...

Oh and how cool is that picture of the owl! So very very cool.

Julie P said...

Yeah for gardening! We've been uber sick this week and since I'm too kind to kiss my husband, I might make out with my gardening catalogs, namely Burpee and Baker Creek. Have you discovered Baker Creek yet? Their link is rareseeds.com - they're all heirloom and great prices. I love their philosophy and work and their catalog is oversized, thick, glossy color pages you'll want to wallpaper your house with (and free - so order!).

Also, we started seeds last weekend! We use a grow light and keep our set up in our basement. All the cool weather crops that Alison mentioned you can plant outside around St. Patrick's day as starts, so it's perfect time to get the seeds in now. I'm itching to buy rainbow chard as a start, though, since I was too late getting seeds on that one. Just don't plant peas to transfer - those can go as seeds straight in the ground mid-March. Fun, huh?!?

Amanda D said...

That owl is very cool. Love the pictures you took too. Beautiful.

I'm not much of a gardener but I'd like to grow some things this year. Just wish our backyard wasn't such a swamp. The kids want to grow a garden too so maybe it will get done this year.

FoxyJ said...

Last year we had moderate success with our garden; lots of tomatoes and a beautiful, big pumpkin that we turned into a jack-o-lantern. This year we're excited to try again, but the biggest wrinkle is the fact that we'll be gone for two weeks in early June. So I don't know yet if we'll be starting plants inside or just buying them, or what. I hate to start a bunch of stuff and either miss the planting window or have them all die when we're gone.

Anyways, I bought some rosemary and parsely plants at Sunflower Market the other day because they were only $3 each. Definitely buying happiness. They are green and smell nice and they taste yummy in my food!

Julie said...

That owl is awesome! That's the takeaway from this post for me.....
I'm loving it!

Cheryl said...

Al, thanks for the heads up! I love me some garlic.

Julie P, I just ordered the catalog. Thank you!

Judi said...

love the picture of the owl...wish i could have a garden...might need to do some tomatoes in a bucket or something. i'll have to talk to you because you're the expert.

medical professionals don't care aobut you after they close shop...but boy they love you and your $$$ and will do anything to keep you coming...i don't know anyone, but sometimes think i need one...

when do you teach?
are you going to the science fair today?

Cheryl said...

I start teaching Feb. 6th and will go pretty much ever-other-Sunday. I switch rooms each time, too.

Yes! Going this afternoon after I pick Mark up from preschool...

Dorri said...

Love the pictures. Its all foggy and icky out today, so I really needed the pretty pictures. As for someone to see if you are interested I have a sister who lives in Provo and has contacts in that area as she works in it. I would be happy to ask her for a couple of names for you, if you want.
Have fun with the seeds, I may do some container gardening this year as I don't have a backyard to plant anything in.

Cheryl said...

Dorri! Yes, yes, yes! I would love some names. Tell her to email me!