Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Emotional Acne and Pictures!

Irony: We had one of the best FHE's last night. There was silliness. There was laughter. There was joy. There was the Holy Ghost.

I got a lot of laundry done; cleaned a toilet; vacuumed a bit. Nothing perfect, but it's better.

Spewing forth the vomitous mass of hormonal pent-up frustration on the blog yesterday was extremely therapeutic. I felt so angry --red, hot, unreasonable anger --and when I unleashed it, it was over. The calm after the storm, if you will. I was taken aback at how strong it was. The calm, I mean. The anger doesn't surprise me anymore. (*sob)

When my SIL and my buddy Al called me in the afternoon, I was glad. Usually, when I'm all vomitrocious in the hormone state, I don't want to talk to anyone. But for some reason, by the time they called, the calm had come, and I was fairly happy again.

I've been trying since to figure out why. Why I was able to become so happy so quickly again, and with the fear of grossing everyone out, I'm going to compare it to a zit. Or a boil.
I know, gross.
Let's just say that after the built up pressure, which causes intense pain, is finally released, the healing begins. The pain goes away.

I had an emotional zit.

Yeah, still gross. Sorry 'bout that.

Which are all large and big because I uploaded them "large" on accident and didn't realize it until after I uploaded them all and like I'm going to delete them and start over and upload them in "medium" so just enjoy the large photos.

[It rained at the trunk-or-treat, if you can't tell! And yes, those pumpkins are puking. You can thank Brandon for teaching his daughters the fine art of carving puking pumpkins. Such a legacy!]

#5 was a spider; I was a witch (that's my broom!)

#1 was a turtle; #3 was a ninja; #4 was a "soldier guy", and #2 was a vampire princess

The trunk or treat was COLD and WET

Fun pumpkins, eh?

Park City:

#3's and #1's reactions to "green smoothies" (which are always red/pink!)

#2's reaction to green smoothies. Every. Day. siiiigggghhhh...

#4 loves his green smoothies! And yes, I did take my blender to Park City. And yes, I took veggies and fruits to make the smoothies.
The view from our hotel room.

Random pictures not in order:
I came downstairs and found the kids had made their own Nativity. Too cute!

#1 (on the front, right) and her Activity Day girls wrote a Thanksgiving play and put it on for all the parents.

This was on Thanksgiving Day in Idaho. Awwww!

This is that kitten we found who keeps coming into our house to eat Kaz's food. No, the eyes are not red. I just forgot to de-red the photo. Isn't he cute? He's still eating the food (in fact, I'm still feeding him), but he's just as skittish as ever and we rarely see him anymore.

Another Nativity scene the kids made me come and see. Loved it!

#2 and her new glasses

I got a haircut! Yes, yes, I did. In this photo, I am not wearing make-up. But in the next photo...

...I sort of am. I had Sue (my hair person) cut off about 3 inches and highlight everything in reds, to get out the blonde. Not bad, eh? She also waxed my eyebrows. They needed it!

Brandon's Birthday:
This is a vegan chocolate peanut butter cake. Well, it would have been except I used Reeses PB cups. Those are most definitely NOT vegan. But the cake was amazing! It was very, very yummy.
I put this photo up because #2 drew a "paint by number" picture for Brandon, and he took the time, right there (much to my annoyance) to color the whole thing in. It made her whole day (not that you can tell by this photo)!

It's a face-lift because we didn't change everything. But! I painted one wall (it used to be white. Like the rest of my darn house):

And then we changed all the hardware (from the white to the iron)...

And then we installed a new faucet! The white sprayer to the right is still there because we didn't realize we would need something to "plug" up the whole it would create when it is removed. That's probably going to be taken care of next week.

I am so happy with the changes!


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Your hair looks great! And I'm glad you feel better. For me, frustration always turns to anger, so I understand.

flip flop mama said...

It's so nice to just get it all out sometimes, huh? Glad you are feeling more peace.

flip flop mama said...

By the way your kitchen looks great and so does your hair!

FluffyChicky said...

An emotional zit...gross, but an accurate discription.

Love the kitchen changes.

LOVE your hair.

And I got your Christmas card yesterday! Too cute! Now I am going to have to get on the ball and get mine addressed and sent out...

Jamie said...

Your haircut is really, really cute! :)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I'm glad you uploaded the photos in large, they are great. :)

And I totally feel the same way when I write out my frustration, popping that emotional zit always helps me feel better too.

Rebekah said...

I LOVE your hair! And your house looks great. I'm excited to see it in person.Oh- and the cat is very adorable.

Judi said...

love the hair...glad your zit popped and you feel better and the kitchen looks great!

Amanda D said...

When we replaced our faucet we plugged the hole with a thing that holds dish soap and a pump. It's very handy.

Love the haircut. It loosk great! And I like the pumpkins too. Halloween has to have a little bit of ick. :)

The costumes are great. Yay for good FHE's! We had a mini one too. I'm kind of thinking that might be the way to go!

Julie said...

Your haircut is gorgeous!!

And I LOVE #1's turtle costume. So. Darn. Clever!!!!

Kitchen looks great.

Glad you're feeling happier.