Thursday, November 04, 2010

Where Did The Time Go? Probably Lost in The Election.

Holy cow, is it November already? Seriously, I don't know how I get anything done. And by that I mean, why can't I get anything done!?

We went to the trunk-or-treat on Saturday night and within 15 minutes we were rained out. The kids spent the rest of the night watching Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes and eating candy. Woot-woot. Pictures forthcoming.

Be patient, dear reader. This toddler of mine is the worst one so far. Yeah, the other boys got into everything, climbed all over everything, but they weren't as clingy as this one. He does all the climbing and such, but then every other second he wants my attention, too. My new goal is to give it to him, but it sure takes away time from other stuff. Like, you know, typing on the computer or uploading pictures.

Green smoothies:
Lots of emails and comments! Yay! I'll be posting more and answering questions probably tomorrow. Or later tonight. Probably tomorrow. Maybe next week.

My list for the month. You know, goals!
*Clean out and organize the entire office. Maybe move it to another room. Maybe. Probably not.
*Reconcile all receipts since August
*Mail out all Christmas cards
*Finish Christmas shopping
*Paint wall in living room; paint wall in kitchen
*Mop the dang kitchen floor
*Figure out a better way to do laundry
*Eat a green smoothie every single day!
*Hang up pictures in basement; family room and play room and guest room and office
*Fix sewing machine
*Research costs of kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, microwaves, ovens/stoves, and refrigerators

Now that #4 is potty-trained, he started preschool this week! It's the same preschool #2 and #3 went to --our neighbor. She lives around the corner and down the street and teaches in her basement. Luckily, she had 2 spots left in her afternoon class. #4 loves it! His homework this week was to write his name on a large picture of a leaf, color it, and cut it out. He was so proud of himself for cutting it (even though his mommy helped). I'm so glad he's doing preschool --and not just because I get two hours twice a week with just #5 (Huzzah!). He needed something more, and since I'm lazy and selfish and not very aware, it's good that someone else is teaching him skills he needs. Like writing. And learning his name. You know.

I'm still amazed at how quickly time passes. It's not just found in the faces of my children, although there have been numerous occasions when they will glance my way and I won't recognize them. I wonder, "who are you? How did you get here?" I don't remember them as babies anymore. Not even #4. I'm so focused on the here and now that I have forgotten what they were like as babies and toddlers. I'm grateful for pictures and blog posts and journals; how else would I remember their past?

Recently, a friend of mine got married (a friend whom I thought would never be my friend again. Honestly, I thought that bridge had definitely burned to the ground --I even blogged about it as I was going through it. Luckily, we're both humble enough to realize our mistakes and we were able to reconcile last month. I find that healing this relationship has truly given me more peace). She married a high school friend of ours --such irony! And yet, they are a perfect match. Who knew it would take nearly 13 years for them to find each other, right back where they both started? I'm so happy for them both!

My baby brother is going to become a father. How is this possible!? He was my bubba --my BABY brother. I used to beat him in wrestling all the time. He was 12 years old when I got married. Twelve! Now he's going to be a father!? I'm so excited for him and his wife; they are such an amazing couple.

Sometimes I mention to people that we "just moved back" from California. Not so. We moved back in 2008. Nearly three years ago! To me, the time we spent there is in a photograph, as are the people; time has not moved. That precious year will always remain still in my memory. The irony is how quickly we move on; I'm pretty sure some of those friends don't even remember who I am! I was there for such a short time...

Although we have been made to believe that if we let go we will end up with nothing, life itself reveals again and again the opposite:
that letting go is the path to real freedom.
~Sogyal Rinpoche from The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying