Friday, November 05, 2010

Blah, Sigh, Blah

Just bought these posters for the kidlets for Christmas. I'm in love with Mary, Emma, and Esther. Hannah just makes me cry. For the boys, I got Moroni, David, and Nephi. Who's a better hero than Nephi?

I'm having one of those days. Not bad, not good, not really... anything, I guess. I'm not motivated to start the laundry, I'm not motivated to shower or get dressed. It's nearly 4PM and I feel like I haven't done anything.

But you know what? I did do some things:

1. Made breakfast for the whole family
2. Made lunches for the kidlets
3. Changed 3 poopy diapers
4. Wiped one poopy bum on the toilet (so glad he hasn't had an accident in a week!)
5. Visited with my former piano student/babysitter for a few hours who popped in unexpectedly
6. Paid one bill
7. Thought about paying another one
8. Read a magazine
9. Bought posters online
10. Blew my nose
11. Talked to my mother on the phone
12. Wrote this blog post

I think I will make dinner, too. Probably. And I should start the laundry.

Oh, wait! I made our bed! And put away some laundry from last week! YES! I rock!

Blah, sigh, Blah.

My buddy shared this on Facebook and I want to share it here because I laughed so hard I cried. And no worries, it's not inappropriate --just hilarious!


Anonymous said...

That looks like a lot of somethings to me.

That was funny.

Alison Wonderland said...

Very funny.

Courtney N said...

LOL! That David Beckham clip is so funny! "Did I feel a thumb?!"

Anne Marie said...

Thank you for sharing your journey with nutrition here! I have experimented myself with varying degrees of veganism and kind of found a happy middle ground for myself....not totally vegan at all but still eat lots of beans and nuts and green stuff. As I have tried to spend the last 2 years of my life getting healthier, I've found one of the most important things for me is getting enough sleep. HUGE difference in how I feel and how readily I get sick. Most nights now I get 8 hours. I used to get just under 7 hours (average American gets 6 1/2 hours, 1 hour less than 30 years ago and utterly insufficient). So, I think just realizing that our bodies were made to get much more sleep than most of us are now getting is critical in our health journeys. Just wanted to add a bit of my journey here. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and research with your readers. You have lots to offer people with the tales of your journey.