Thursday, November 18, 2010


I'm working on China Day 5. Of 14 days. Because I'm slow like that. Day 5 is fun, though, because it was The Great Wall!

I just finished painting my kitchen wall. Just one wall. The "accent" wall. It needs a second coat (which I will be getting to after I type up this blog post). The color? Earthenware. Yes, it is earthy and ware-y. Kind of red/rose/clay/sort of. I'll just have to take a picture of it and show you.

Next step? New hardware in the kitchen. You know, the knobs and stuff. I figured changing the hardware would be TEN THOUSAND times cheaper than getting new cupboards, and yet I will completely change the look of the kitchen in one fell swoop!

I got my anti-depressants filled. I realized, after writing the post yesterday, or, rather, after exuding that vomit-like mass upon the keyboard, that I would be crazy (hahahahaha!!!) not to get my prescription refilled.
And it is filled. Or, rather, re-filled.

I've got nothin' else. I think I'll go eat lunch and THEN paint the second coat... oh, shoot! The kids get out early today. And #4 is puking his guts out. Why can't they all be better all at once? Or sick all at once? Why the staggering?? Maybe I can make the kids do chores while I paint. Yes. Yes! I like this. Very much...


Anonymous said...

Look at you with the painting and stuff. Wow. You've inspired me to maybe someday finish my own painting.

P.S. Thank you. You know what for.

Julie said...

I love that color. I can envision it in my very mind.

Also, you'll love new hardware -- awesome idea. Have you considered painting your cabinet fronts? My sister in law just did that (along with wall paint and new hardware) and loved it. She painted them white and it looks awesome.

SO glad you got your scrip refilled! It's impressive that you can look in the third person and see the need and fix it. You're awesome.

How many times have I said awesome in this post? Awesome.