Saturday, November 27, 2010

Left Out

mostly it happened in school,
younger days when i didn't know i was so strong.

looking in; not looking out

growth reduces pain, i thought
and too late realized it would be replaced
with creates.

it seems impossible to worry
when tiny souls need my mind
and each moment exceeds the previous
with worry and creation.

and yet, those school days come back
with all entailing insecurity.

i am strong.
but i am human.
i have flesh and spirit
and emotion.

bitter, reeling, aching emotion.

not bad, considering what comes
with the package.

~by Cheryl
November 2010


michelle said...

I've been having school days flashbacks, too. Ick.

Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

This made me :( and :) .

You're awesome, Cheryl.

Cardalls said...
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