Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trying To Catch Up

Yeah, I'm still here. Trying to catch up on life! You'd think we would have relaxed when we got back, right?


So, anyway.

I have all the pictures from China! But they are on Brandon's laptop and I keep forgetting to copy them to the desktop. So I can blog about them. Which is my innermost desire at the present. But maybe not, since I keep forgetting to copy them.

So, as I continue to work on China posts, enjoy this random one instead. Okay? Okay.

#4 is potty trained! At last! We still have a few accidents now-and-again, but for the most part, it is finished!

And the peasants rejoiced.

I gained weight in China. Are you surprised? Not me. Although, one would think that with all the walking I did, I would have done better. But who can limit themselves when famous Shanghai soup dumplings are on the menu, hmmm?? HMMM??

But I will resume my weight loss posts next Tuesday, so be ready!

Halloween is upon us! #1 wants be as a turtle (she is very creative). #2 is going to be a question mark (don't ask). #3 keeps changing his mind, as does #4. #5 will be an adorable spider-bug-thingy.

What are your kids going to be? How about you? I need some ideas for myself...


Cardalls said...

I am working on my #4 getting potty trained...this is our week to stay home and focus on it!

I will be a tired, emotionally spent Mom...oh wait that is what I am every day :). I told my kids I will not be purchasing any costumes, we have two whole buckets of dress ups they can find a costume from. So we will probably have some star wars characters, harry potter, maybe a policeman. My daughter is going to be Minnie Mouse and the baby...whatever somebody will let me borrow! :)

Julie said...

Excited to see your China pics!!!

Everyone but Stanton is ready for Halloween. My #1 is going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, #2 is to be Spider-Girl, #3 wants to be Iron Man, and #4 will be a pirate. I have my costume all planned out, but it's top secret till Halloween!! I'm so way excited!

FoxyJ said...

My husband is really into doing some kind of family theme, and I caved in this year because my kids are obsessed with Scooby Doo. So my hubby is Shaggy, I'm Velma, the baby is Scooby, and the other two kids are Daphne and Fred. I'm actually kind of looking forward to it because I think it will be fun.

Amanda D said...

I don't dress up. Although, I have thought about buying a pair of scrubs and going as a nurse. I hear that scrubs are very comfortable, and I'm all about comfort.

The oldest will be a vampire, the middle will be a butterfly and the youngest will be (surprise, surprise) Buzz Lightyear.

I have lost weight. I suspect that I have not this week, however, so I will be happy to have maintained this week.

Hooray for potty training! And pictures from China. I would have taken about ten million though so I'm not sure I would ever be able to decide what to post.