Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Amazing and Inspiring. No, Not Me. Close, Though!

Hey, it's me again. Did I just post this morning? Oh, yeah. I did. And this isn't a post about China. Again.

I just have a lot on my mind, lately. But I don't have much time to write about all my feelings. Luckily, I have many blogging friends who have been writing amazing and inspiring things. This, dear reader, has given me great joy because then I don't have to write out all the amazing and inspiring things I'm thinking. Because these friends already did! Hooray!

First and foremost is President Packer's talk. The one I missed because I was in China. I didn't even know what the backlash was about --until I read his talk. Now I know what the backlash is about, and it makes me sad.
Go here. Steph has beautifully written how I feel about this talk, the subject of the talk, and the reaction I had to the talk. It was amazing!
Here is another fantastic post about the same thing. Amazing!

And while we're on the same subject: Elder Perry's sister-in-law lives in my ward. She mentioned in Relief Society that President Packer has received over 500 letters and emails telling him they wish he was dead.

Breaks my heart.

Btw, the Church was issued a petition from the Human Rights Campaign. Here is the Church's response.

Dude, I love this Church. There's no better way for me to say it!

Flip-Flop Mama posted something her friend wrote today. It's about Pro-Choice. But this is not your mother's pro-choice. This is about being in cahoots with CHOICE. It's a very good post! Go have a gander.

Madhousewife wrote a fabulous post about Breast Cancer. Coupled with her personal first-hand knowledge of the tragedy of Breast Cancer makes her post all that more poignant to me. Read it and behold her awesomeness.

Wanna see a gorgeous family? Go here! Yes, it's my sister. Yes, it has nothing to do with anything but the fact that they are gorgeous.

I miss this woman greatly. That is all.


Janelle said...

Thanks, I miss you too.

flip flop mama said...

That was a great post, huh? I'll have to go read the others about Pres. Packer's talk tomorrow. I didn't hear about the backlash until a few days later. It's really sad that there is so much hatred. I loved the statement the church made though. Spot on.

Rachel Holtkamp said...

If you're interested, here is a blog post:

It's very positive, and spiritual in nature.