Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Used To Be My Big Accomplish Everything Day

This last week was Fall Break. Used to be called UEA (for all those Utahns who know what the heck I'm talking about), I believe. Anyway, the kids didn't have school on Thursday or Friday and holy cow! I was tired. I thought my jet lag was over, but it was not.
So. Very. Not.
Plus, Brandon was at school, so I felt very, well...umm...lazy. Yes, lazy. That's the best term. Well, at least it's an honest one.

Thursday we spent the day with my buddy Ann. She graciously lent me Eat to Live and The China Study. [Dear reader, words cannot even begin to express my love for The China Study. In fact, my love is now so deep (and hopefully not fickle) that there will be an impressive blog post forthcoming.] We topped off the day with dinner at my awesome sister's.

Friday was spent mostly watching the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Saturday was massive chore day. And shopping. And the park. Hey! At least I got the kids to the park, right? I'm impressed.

Sunday was a great day. Interesting all around. Highlights:
1. Wearing new clothes I got in China.
2. Walking to/from choir practice with nothing but glorious silence and beautiful scenery.
3. Having Brandon home!!
4. Volunteering last minute (literally) to teach the RS lesson on Repentance. The teacher didn't show; the RS presidency wasn't sure why (I later found out she's out of state!), and so I just said I'd do it. I read the lesson in 3 minutes (yeah, maybe I should read it ahead like they always suggest?) and led a 30 minute discussion. It actually turned out great!
5. Making the BEST dinner: Butternut squash soup (from scratch --only 8 ingredients!), tomatoes/artichoke hearts/mushroom mix (it was a yummy side dish), fresh salad (with lots of yummy veggies and lemon sesame seed dressing), bread (whole wheat!), and water. Brandon, Brandon's dad, #1, #5, and I dubbed it fantastic! The others? Not so much. But that didn't surprise me.

And now it is Monday. Whee. I had high hopes of getting lots done today. High, high, high hopes! They were all dashed because of whiny neediness exhibited in a 3 1/2 year old and a 14 month old. Plus, it all started out wrong when I couldn't find the DVD remote downstairs when I tried to exercise. I searched for 45 minutes. And the basement was actually clean! How do these things happen to me?! I tried in vain to make the exercise program start without the remote; and instead of doing something --anything --I typed up the earlier blog post. You know, the one with the Seattle pictures. Because that was obviously the right answer.
My other excuse for dashed hopes is the fourth book in the Fablehaven series. (Yes, I know I"m behind). When I read fiction, dear reader, my mind cannot rest until it is finished. I've always had a one-track mind, and reading makes it worse. How 'bout you?

There you have it. What did you do this last weekend? If you live in Utah, did you take off for Fall Break? Did you accomplish anything today?


evitafjord said...

I remember way back before it was even called UEA when it was called the deer hunt. I think I was in junior high when they changed it. We don't get any of the above here, so no taking off. (We do get the whole week at Thanksgiving and I like that trade.) The weekend was spent coughing and sleeping. My 3yo is requesting that I "put an S" so here it is for him: S

He wants to say something: mnbvbbbbbnuyuyuwyuyughvgacfadsdsfdrdrrrdfftftttttrwtqgyfeggsgsvgvsgwwwwwwzzzzzwetwtdwretewftwwsfhfhjhfjhyyyyygunxxnnmnmncnbbbbbcccccbhbbncbbc

evitafjord said...

I realized after that I didn't check his typing to make sure he didn't accidentally type something offensive. phew.

Alison Wonderland said...

My kids have been out of school for 3 weeks, UEA schmUEA. But they finally went back today and I got up early, read scrips (with the kids) got them off to school, blogged, worked out, cleaned AND MOPPED the kitchen, did some home work and now I'm making dinner. I'm calling it a day when I got some stuff done.

FoxyJ said...

I have a really tasty butternut squash and apple soup that my husband and I love, but my kids won't touch it. It frustrates me because I think they'd like it if they would try.

I'm trying to remember this last weekend, LOL. Lately my life seems like a big blur of cooking, cleaning, teaching, grading papers, lesson plans, etc. Thursday we had a fun family day and went to tour Sweets Chocolate Factory in Salt Lake (definitely not good for the diet, but fun!). I think the other days we just hung out and did stuff like cleaning, organizing, and yard work. I made some homemade bread and froze it since I don't usually have time for that during the week anymore.

Today I feel accomplished because I made homemade roasted tomato soup for dinner with the last tomatoes from our garden. It was very tasty. I was also going to suggest that our new favorite (well, me and my husband's) way to do veggies is to sautee them in olive oil and then add some balsamic vinegar before you eat them. Makes them super tasty. It's really good with zucchini, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and/or peppers.

And finally--if you haven't tried Bountiful Baskets for produce you really should. Every other week they offer organic produce and it really is a good deal and a great way to try new things too. The other week we got some artichokes and my kids surprised me by really loving to eat them.

Anonymous said...

It's conference week for us, so everyone gets out early all week and the youngest doesn't even get to go. Boo.

I think searching for a remote for 45 minutes counts as pretty strenuous exercise.

Monday I logged about 100 miles as a taxi service, so I'm calling it an accomplishment.

LadyLenore said...

Now i'm super sad i had to leave church early. boogers.