Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Health Rocks: Week...Something

It's back! Our weekly weigh-ins!

I weigh 192.9.

Sigh. Hey, but at least I lost most of the weight I gained while in China, eh? I'm pretty much back to square one.

Square one is okay.

Couple of thoughts:

1. When Bob said on last week's show "How can I compete with a five dollar pizza?" he made me think. It's true. How can you compete with that?

This is why we are all so unhealthy and most of our country is fat. Fast and easy is the ultimate goal for most people (especially mothers), and that is also why our children are so unhealthy and fat.

Lately, I've been taking the time to make amazing food. Yesterday, I made pot stickers (with kale and mushrooms) and it took me some time. The homemade squash soup from Sunday? Time consuming. Not hours and hours and hours of time; just more than I'm used to. I used to throw some meat and veggies and starches into a casserole and throw it in the oven and call it good. So, this new lifestyle of taking the time to prepare fresh, whole, plant-based food is strange to me (and my kids!). It's harder, but the end result is much more rewarding! Yeah, the kids are whiny because it takes longer. Yeah, I keep giving the toddler (holy cow, he's a toddler!) grapes to distract him so I can cook. Yeah, the kids don't always adore what I make. I'm totally competing with the five dollar pizza.

But it's not going to win. Because my family is worth more than that. Way more.

2. Exercise is good. The end.

How did you do this week? What are your opinions about the 5 dollar pizza?


Julie said...

I have an ongoing internal battle with the 5 dollar pizza. I think it's fine in moderation, but there are months where my definition of "moderation" is way too liberal.
I cook from scratch as a general rule and spend about a half hour making meals. Lately, as life has seemed to become a bit busier, I find that that is much harder and I'm relying on spaghetti and other starchy things too often. It's hard to prioritize, but like you said, our families are totally worth it.

I'm still 30 day shredding, although it's been more like 70 days for me. I have seen a huge difference in how I feel, although I've only maybe lost a pound or two. My jeans fit much better, which is positive. I just got Yoga Meltdown from Amazon today, so I'm exciting to try it out for a change tomorrow.

flip flop mama said...

We eat the $5 pizza maybe every three months or something--probably less frequently even. I am not against convenient meals though. It's impossible to cook every night of the week. I usually try to plan 4-5 meals each week and then rely on the spagetti and breakfast for dinner as backups the other days. It does take time to make good food. I generally start cooking around 5ish (depending on the meal) and we eat at 6. But it's totally worth it. I have absolutely no experience cookig for more than 4 mouths though so Im sure it gets much more complicated the more people you add to the mix. Something that has always helped me is a meal calendar. If it's on there then I usually have the ingredients (or I bought them this week) and then I cook it! Makes it a lot easier! Good luck.

Cardalls said...

I recently went gluten free due to ongoing health issues that can't seem to get diagnosed or resolved. So I did something independently of any doctors. It seems to be helping plus I am eating much healthier. I am not imposing it on my family completely but most dinners are GF except if we have breadsticks or bread of some kind. I haven't had much complaining. I have to say the $5 pizza is MUCH cheaper. eating healthy is much more expensive and time consuming. totally worth it but it's harder...but everything that is worth doing in life is harder!

Cardalls said...

Oh and I've been doing it 2 weeks and have lost 4.5 lbs! yay! I am down to 180...20 left to go.

Courtney N said...

Yum! Gotta love me some 5 dollar pizza!!

Moddy said...

I try for a mixture, not completely fresh, but not all out of a can. I just don't have time with school and doing it by myself to cook from scratch like I used to. But I try to have a few staples that are easy and the kids like. Lately we've been doing a lot of baked potatoes and salad. And thankfully my kids don't expect meat with every meal, so I can get away with it. I love it cause it's easy and we can each make it the way we like it.
Oh and when it comes to the $5 pizza, I'd rather spend a couple bucks more and do the thin-crust delite at papa murphy's. It feels less like cheating.

michelle said...

I think we have single-handedly kept Little Caesar's in business. I'm grateful they exist, but I use them on "those days" not as a rule.

I think cooking for my family is a spiritual thing when I look at it right. I love creating something for them to gather around, something that will bring us together.

I'm big on quickish meals, though. My body can't handle big preps very often. ;)

Judi said...

we do both..the $5 pizza really comes in handy when there is a 6 PM football game and I have to work until 4 or 5...we do a lot from scratch...and have a few favorite dishes. i can't wait for football to be done in a few weeks..with winter coming there are some new recipes i want to try and they will take some time.
good for you cheryl! seems that lightening your load has been a good thing for you and your family!
PS..saw your hubby last night..he is sure that robert and justin will be together next week...what do you think?

Amanda D said...

I don't know when you posted last but I think that I was about to start WW. I joined five weeks ago and have lost 8.4 pounds. I feel so much better! Seriously. I have totally changed my relationship with food, but we still have $5 pizza once a week. I love it, and I can't give it up. It's all about moderation.