Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Israel, Man!

Main Meals this last week:

Sunday: Butternut squash soup (yellow onions, butternut squash, paprika, red bell pepper, coconut milk, water, cilantro as garnish).
Monday: Kale, mushroom, and garlic pot stickers
Tuesday: Barley risotto with asparagus, mint, and lemon
Wednesday: Vegetarian chilli (in the crock pot) with white beans, black beans, kidney beans, and fresh tomatoes
Thursday: Quinoa with browned tofu and veggies (jicama, red onion, tomatoes, yellow pepper, red pepper, zucchini, black beans, cilantro, green cabbage)
Tonight: Leftovers!

I watched this week's episode of The Biggest Loser this morning. It motivated me enough to strap #5 to my back, stick #4 in the stroller and walk to my cousin's house (to see her new baby!) rather than drive. It's just over a mile there, but coming back? I have an enormous hill to climb. I was sweating and panting; it felt so good!
Now, if I can just get back into my early-morning exercise routine. I hate how I keep re-starting. Over and over and over...

Tomorrow we are finally going to a BYU football game! We have not gone, yet, because of Brandon's school schedule and our China trip. I'm so excited! Yes, I'm aware BYU has a losing season this year. Yes, I'm aware it won't be as exciting as last year. So, what?! We're Cougar fans! We're not fair weathered fans. We stand by our awesome team no matter what. Besides, an inexperienced team this year only means kicking butt next year!

A while back (while trying to potty train #4, who is finally potty trained!), Brandon and I realized that we have been changing diapers for almost 10 years.
Okay, I've been mostly changing diapers for almost 10 years.
Isn't that insane?! Not just that my baby girl is going to be 10 this next year, but that I've had a child in diapers ever since. Not ONCE have we had a break. There has ALWAYS been a child in diapers.
When the day comes that I don't, I'm not sure if I'm going to laugh or cry.

Exciting News!!
Brandon and his team (some classmates) have just been accepted to a very competitive optional program in Wharton that will give them an opportunity to consult with an international business --that is, the business is in another country. His team was hoping for Taiwan, but guess what!? They were given Israel!
This is an incredible opportunity for them all. Last year his team didn't make it. Since the eMBA program is only 2 years, this is obviously his last shot. I was so excited that they made it!

Downside: Brandon must be in Israel from December 26th to January 3rd.
Upside: It's Israel, man!

I won't be going with him this time (too much time away from the kiddos), but I'm not upset about it. Sure, the timing stinks, but what a cool thing! I'm really proud of him and I hope it's an incredible experience for the whole team.

Simplicity is the last step of art, and the beginning of nature.
Be soft yet not yielding; firm, yet not hard.
~Bruce Lee


Cardalls said...

we are getting family photos taken tomorrow and i am directing my photographer to your blog to see this last picture. I LOVE IT!

Life is a Zoo in the Jungle said...

I have some very good friends that just moved to Isreal. They LOVE it. I'm sure he will have a wonderful time.

Emily & Co. said...

So...are you going totally vegetarian?

Cheryl said...

Not completely. I'm going to try to do about 5% animal protein --so, I don't know? I think I'll still eat yogurt (probiotics) and some meat --just not very much. I've been drinking almond milk (which, incidentally, has more calcium and vitamin D and less calories and like no fat), and as you can tell from the menu, it's pretty close to vegetarian (almost vegan).

I need to do my post on The China Study and my reasons for choosing this path. It's been such a process! (As you know!) This is just another step for me, I guess.

Annette Lyon said...

1) When the diapers are done, you will walk past that aisle at the grocery store and cackle with glee. (Not that I have personal experience with that or anything . . .)

2) Israel, baby!

Amanda D said...

I have not ever missed diapers since we've been done. Trust me, you wont cry.

I was going to ask what Emily asked. But I see you answered it all ready. Is Brandon okay with going with a lot less meat?

I love how excited you are for your husband. How cool that he gets to get to Israel.