Thursday, October 21, 2010

China: Day Four

We took a taxi to Summer Palace. This was northwest of the main part of Beijing (and Forbidden City). It is an expansive property where royal members would go got it! The summer months.

Everything in China has been razed to the ground and then built up several times. Forbidden City, Summer Palace, the Great Wall, etc. Summer Palace's most recent "re-build" was in the late 1800's by the Empress Dowager Cixi. I think. My facts could be messed up. Sorry!

Anyway, it's this huge man-made lake surrounded by bridges, hills, temples, rooms, and a theater. It's enormous. Remember? Everything in China is HUGE.

We ended the evening with a fabulous dinner at a hot pot restaurant with another couple from Wharton. It was so fun! But, instead of giving you a boring play by play, just admire the many pictures. It was a great day! Too smoggy, but still good:


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WOW! China!! It's so amazing you got to go there and your pictures are also quite amazing and beautiful!