Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Labor Day! To YOU!

So, ummm...#5 is totally walking now. And he got his first molar. The second one is coming in (so fun!). If he had been #1, I'm pretty sure you would know every little detail about everything he has ever done. But he's not --lucky, you! Instead, I tell you these things weeks after they happen.

It's crazy how fast time flies. If you told me, in March, that in less than 6 months my baby would not only be weaned, but sleeping through the night in his own crib, I would have laughed and cried and laughed some more. Back then, he was not only sleeping in our bed all night, but he was nursing all night long. I'm so glad it's over! The nursing was okay (during the DAY!), but the co-sleeping was pretty hellish. I have a friend who says she wished her babies would have co-slept, and my words to her (more or less) are: YOU ARE CRAZY! I don't know who these co-sleepers are that enjoy sleeping next to a baby, but holy crap, it was awful for me (me, me, me, me. Not you, you, you, you. If you love co-sleeping, and you think it's the best thing in the whole darn world, well, then --good for you! It just wasn't for me!). I never got any sleep! I would worry about squishing the baby. I would worry about the baby falling off the bed. I would worry about Brandon squishing the baby. I would worry about the cat licking the baby's head (yes, our cat is weird). But the glitch is that I didn't have time to worry because every hour he woke up and wanted to nurse! All night! Every hour! So, why did I do it? Because getting up every hour to nurse in the other room was worse than rolling over and nursing while trying to sleep. Just trust me. It is. It's obnoxious. So, I nursed all night. In our bed. Blah.

Sum up: Life is now peaceful and good and all is right in the sleeping non-nursing world. The end. Well, not really. I do have to say that this was the first time I nursed a baby for a whole year and weaned a baby to a cup (instead of a bottle). It was cheap, it was healthy for him, and it was kind of nice! If you take out the nights for the first 11 months, of course.

Hey, so it's Labor Day. We're being lazy while Brandon studies. Then we're gonna hike. Or something. Maybe.

So, I want two of these (cherry colored, not sure about getting baskets, yet). And some of these. And a cool bookshelf/hutch thing to go next to it. But I also want this. Which to pick? Which one is better for now? Which one can wait for later?

Reasons to get cubby benches/hooks/hutch thing:
*Organization for all the kids' stuff
*No more digging through all the shoes in our small coat closet
*Lovely place to hang back-packs! No more losing them, either!

Reasons for trailer/stroller:
*Biking for exercising and to the park!
*Double stroller would be good
*More biking for fun!

Which would you pick? For now?


Alison Wonderland said...

Buy the stroller, build the bookshelves. (Says the girl who's been "planning" on building bookshelves for more than a year.)

FoxyJ said...

I was going to vote for buying the cubbie now and saving up to buy the stroller in the spring. There's probably about a month or so left of good biking weather (maybe more if you're lucky). You'll enjoy the storage all winter more than you will the trailer. My two cents.

And I'm glad your baby is sleeping in his crib again; babies can be pretty flexible

Amanda D said...

I agree with Foxy J. Buy the cubby bench now and get the trailer in the spring. Winter will be here before you know it.

As far as co-sleeping, I'm with you. It wouldn't have worked for me. I do love when my kids want to climb in bed for a little bit in the morning to cuddle though. A guy here was just sentenced to two years in prison because he rolled over in his sleep and smothered their baby. It's too risky, IMO.

Julie said...

Oooh, he's so cute. I'm glad you're back in the land of the living (and sleeping). :)

I'd totally vote for the cubbies --- they will function year round. Also, they're something I've been researching and planning on buying for the last little while! Love your picks.

Gio, Judi and Boys said... will have to store the stroller thing for the next 6-7 months until you can use it need storage now.
glad you are sleeping!

flip flop mama said...

Civvies are good