Sunday, September 05, 2010

Baby Blessings

Fast Sundays usually mean baby blessings. Today, we had three. As I was listening to them, I was struck with the beauty of the different situations between all three families.

The first baby was a girl, and her great-grandfather blessed her. She was born to very young parents who chose to marry after they found out they were expecting her. Although they have not come to church for quite a few years, the parents wanted their daughter blessed, and have started to come back.

The second baby was also a girl. She is the second child in her family, and yesterday, she was sealed to them and her brother in the Temple. Both she and her brother were privileged to be adopted by their amazing parents.

The third baby was a boy. His father blessed him with his own father (the baby's grandfather) by his side (talk about a tear-jerker!). His parents were married in the Temple, and this is their first child.

All three situations are different, and yet the exact same. They each represented love, hope, faith, and joy.

It was beautiful!

P.S. If we could have made it, we would have also witnessed the blessing of my cousin's daughter today. But alas, we didn't. *sniff


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Sounds like a good day. We went to my sister's baby blessing too! Love babies!