Monday, August 02, 2010

The Things I Learned This Glorious Week

Things I Learned: Canada Trip

1. Montana is still gorgeous.
2. The new Raymond swimming pool (outdoor) is pure genius! Whoever designed it needs an award of some kind.
3. Mosquitoes, although more numerous in Lethbridge, are smaller than the ones in Provo. But their bites swell to egg-size. Not pretty.
4. The love between grandchildren and grandparents is very real.
5. It's hard to watch people you love grow old.
6. The new playground in Henderson Park in Lethbridge is also pure genius. We need these engineer people in Utah!
7. The drive to and from Canada is really not as bad as most people believe. Trust me.
8. Family is family; even after years-long separation.
9. My longest friend (love you, Mandy!) is pregnant! If her twins were still alive today, it would be her sixth child.
10. Uncle Alan still has the best sense of humor; Uncle Keith is just as witty as ever.
11. Being with Aunt Janice is like being wrapped in a warm blanket; kind of a cheesy parallel, but it's true!
12. There is still nothing like the rolling plains of Alberta; not to mention all those coulis that sneak up on you...

Things I Learned: Tennessee Trip

1. Every time you step outside, it's like you're taking a shower.
2. The General Jackson Riverboat has air conditioning!
3. Line Dancing at The Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville is bound to become habit forming.
4. If you'd like to be entertained on a 3 hour flight, sit between a charming man from Romania, and a young gay model from Utah.
5. Realizing my husband is the most romantic man alive! No, seriously. The roses and ice cream prove it.
6. Witnessing Jessica and Isaac's sealing will cause you to bawl like a baby. So much so, that everyone will assume they are your own children being married. Which isn't that far off, eh?
7. The drive from Nashville to Chattanooga will illicit sarcastic remarks from your younger brother about your driving, but it will also be one the most gorgeous stretches of highway.
8. Weddings are still fun!
9. Getting up at 5AM to make the flight is NOT fun.
10. Inception isn't mind blowing, but it's still a good flick.
11. Spending 3 days with your hubby, without children, is also akin to become habit forming. Thank goodness!
12. Bringing along pictures of your five children to show everyone (on the plane, on the riverboat, at the wedding) means you really do miss them a bit.
13. Seeing your children again, after three days, causes all kinds of thrilling feelings like joy!
14. Your gratitude for your parents for watching your kids is infinite.

Pictures to come! Probably today!