Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Clean, Schmean

1. Do I get a house cleaner? And if so, how often?
2. Would hiring a sitter to take all the kids away for one day every other week so I can clean my own house work?
3. Who needs a clean house?
4. Since I need a clean house, how much should I be willing to pay for someone to clean the house?
5. Will it get easier when school starts? Cleaning, I mean?

1. Probably. At least once a week.
2. All signs point to YES.
3. Me, me, me, me!!
4. More than my grandmother made cleaning houses in 1946 (.50 an hour!).
5. I'm guessing yeppers.


evitafjord said...

My husband's grand post-vacation plan was to clean and organize every room one by one before school starts in 2-1/2 weeks (though he goes back in 1-1/2). My grand post-vacation plan is to survive the 2-1/2 weeks until 4 of the 5 (or really 5 of the 7 total) will be out of the house, ie, not remaking the mess, and then tackle it. We got as far as the living room and putting away all of the vacation stuff before he got tied up in getting ready for school to start. Works for me :-)

Cardalls said...

Here's an idea. My sister hires a house cleaner to come in twice a month. She deep cleans the entire kitchen including the floors and all the bathrooms and that is all. My sister says it makes her feel like her whole house is clean when those rooms are deep cleaned. She also says the $$ is much less doing it this way.

Julie said...

I loved having a cleaning gal. If I were to do it again, I think I'd have her come twice a month and clean the bathrooms, kitchen, windows, dust the ceiling fans, and vacuum.

I paid about $20/hr. Not terrible, considering the physical labor involved.

My thing is that I really don't mind the cleaning part. I actually sort of like it. What drives me nutty is that the rest of the house (clutter-wise) goes to pot on cleaning day so I can focus on cleaning. My kids are pretty decent helpers, but sometimes the help I want from them is to just go away so I can get things done more quickly. To that end, your thought of having someone tend the kids for the day might be a good option. Problem for me is, I don't know if I'd have the self-control to actually use that time to clean (would I read, surf the web, craft?).
I really loved having someone come, for what it's worth.

bythelbs said...

I don't like these kinds of discussions. I'm going to go back to reading my book now.

flip flop mama said...

It's times like this when I'm grateful that I live in a two bedroom apartment. I can barely keep up with the space I have!