Monday, August 23, 2010

Aaaaaaaand School Starts Tomorrow...

Back-to-school night was a success! Not that visiting classrooms with hoards of other families to sign up for SEP's (student, educator, parent conference), briefly meet the teachers, and witness the PTO begging people for help can ever be anything BUT successful. Well, I guess it could fail. But not with our school.

Our school rocks. Oh, yes. Yes, it does. How do I know? This is what they are doing at this year's fundraiser carnival:

Cow-pie Fundraiser Details: This year to make
donations fun, we are selling candy cow-tails for
$10 each. When you buy a cow-tail, you get to pick
a square on the school field. The field will be
marked off in a grid and enclosed. On the night of
the carnival we will let a cow into the enclosed
area. The square where she leaves her “pie” will be
the grand winner!

Only in Utah, baby. Or any other rural area, I guess. Like Idaho. Or Wyoming. Oh, and probably Montana... maybe a Dakota or two? Anyway...

Good news:
1. #3 has #2's teacher from last year! I love this because I sure loved that teacher.
2. I talked with the school's music teacher and I might actually have some time this year to help her out with more piano playing and possibly subbing.
3. I'm actually prepared this year! As in: #1 has all her supplies packed and ready to go. #2 and #3 have all their paperwork filled out. I thought ahead and got volunteer supplies the teachers usually ask for.
4. The kids have had their father's blessings and have their clothes picked out for tomorrow.
5. Since I'm smart --ummm--lazy, the kids all have hot lunch, and it's through this awesome pre-paid thing via the Internet. Awesome.

Bad news:
1. The kids only go until 1:30PM all week. What the?
2. #3 will only go until 1:30PM until after Labor Day. What the!?!?!
3. I've gained about 15 pounds since May. *sob

Hey, hey, so tomorrow morning, I'm gonna get up early, get the kids a fantastic breakfast, take some pictures, and then...!

Do laundry.


Hooray for school!


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Can't wait to see the pics!

Alison Wonderland said...

Hooray for school

Gio, Judi and Boys said...

Yes...we do have a great school!!! And it was a success.....

becca said...

school started Wed. here and since Kindergarten is half day ane the schoo isn't bussin kids back after the morning session, I decided I could throw the two girls in the bike stroller, bike 3.5 miles to school and pick up my son while the weather was good. Two days of this and crying from the back seat is trying, but I'm going to stick with it. 7 mile bike ride daily can have big dividens right? easier than running that distance. Good luck. With kids back in school maybe you can get on an excersize schedule again too. Here's rooting for you , kid!