Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June First

Today is June First. It marks another beginning and another ending. The children and I have celebrated by accomplishing exactly what we set out to accomplish today: School (our own school at home for an hour) and then nothing. Nothing but lazy dreaming, TV watching, novel reading, snack eating, and laugh-inducing sarcasm. We are dripping with lethargy, and it feels so good.

I feel like rewarding the kids. Their hard work this year culminated in even harder work; last week we pounded the pavement and cleaned the house inside and out, anticipating familial visits. They put up with going to church twice (farewell for cousin, homecoming for friend...), hiking a couple of miles, and exclusion from late bed-times and grown-up conversations. Then after the last couple of relatives left last night, we cleaned more. The kids have worked so very hard for so very long. They deserve a day off.

Tomorrow we'll start our routine. We'll figure out when we'll head to the library, the museums, the parks, do crafts, go swimming, take a vacation or two or three or four...but not today.

Today is June First. We're taking it slow.

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