Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Biggest Loser: Gardens and Beatles Edition


That is my current weight. I didn't post the picture because it made me depressed. :(

So, I gained a pound. Figures. I could blame the nursing (I pretty much do), or I could blame the constant eating. I have a pretty good feeling it's both. However, I'm still eating much better than I ever did! More organically, more whole. I just can't stuff myself. For some reason.

Thoughts on the Show:
I cannot --CANNOT --believe that Daris gained two pounds. What was he thinking? It sounds like he needs a lot more help in the emotional/mental part of it. Which I get. Because I am an emotional eater through and through. I didn't vote, did you? Did you vote for Koli or Daris?
Do you think Michael and Ashley are an item??

Thoughts on Weightloss:
I wanna lose some. The end.

American Idol:
Lee and Crystal making the top two!??! Yeah. Saw that comin' a mile away. If Lee wins, it'll be like David Cook. If Crystal wins it will be much cooler. I'm just surprised I'm still watching. As in the word of Bythelbs: "I think American Idol has just run it's course."
Agreed. Sadly, enough.
Maybe if they would stop having such filthy displays of immorality and lustfulness during the results show, I would be a little more interested.
Gardens, gardens, who has a garden? Not me, yet. But I found this website, and I think I'm going to take advantage of the lovely convenience. It will save me LOADS of time building and finding and mixing and stressing.

I have been working really hard in the yard. So far, this is what I've done:
1. Put back all the bricks that outline our backyard's flower beds that the boys lifted and hauled all over whilst-a-searchin' for bugs.
2. Killed all the mosquitoes breeding in our stagnant pond (with apple cider vinegar as to not kill the birds who drink from it!).
3. Emptied said pond of all mud, rocks, and pebbles.
4. Cleared our little "waterfall/creek" thing of debris
5. Cleaned out the pump for the recyclable water waterfall/creek thing
6. Found out Brandon poked holes in the top little pond in order to stop mosquitoes from breeding a few years back. I need to get it cleaned out now so he can fix it.
7. Planted a rose bush.
8. Bought and planted an indoor herb garden! I have thyme, basil, oregano, parsley, Thai basil, and cilantro
9. Cleaned off the back porch and purged, purged, purged.
10. Killed several wasps. Bought wasp-looking hive things to get rid of the territorial pests.
11. Cleaned back porch ceiling. Sort of.
12. Planted flowers in a new flower bed made from the pond mud.
13. Set up bird feeders

Left to do:
1. Plant square foot garden!
2. Plant flowers in the front yard.
3. Weed, weed, weed.
4. Fix pond.
5. Put lily pads, pond flowers, and fish into pond
6. Clean out shed. Which is my least favorite, because that is where a bunch of mice took up residence this last winter. Our cat killed all of 'em, but their remnants are all over the place. YUCK!
7. Get front yard tree cut down (the smaller one) because it has died. :(
8. Maybe plant a tree or two? And a lilac bush?


At the school fundraiser Monday night, we won a Beatles Rock Band for the Wii!!! Isn't that crazy!? We never win anything, but they called #4's name. Huzzah!
Irony: We don't have a Wii.
Well, we do now! We went out and got one. Brandon has been begging me for YEARS to get a Wii. Now that we won the Beatles Rock Band, how could I say no? I can't wait to play that baby!

There are so many things I want to write about, but I have no time. I will try this summer to make some time, though. I truly need to start writing thought-provoking posts again. Unless you don't want them. Do you want them? Oh, well, doesn't really matter, because I'll probably write them anyway. No offense to those who hate my thought-provoking thoughts.



Amanda D said...

I don't think anyone hates your thought-provoking posts. Otherwise, they wouldn't be reading.

I was looking forward to this post becuase - I finally decided that I have to do better. I weighed in last Tuesday and have tried, tried, tried to do better about eating and I have lost 1.6. It's not much, but it's a start.

I was really surprised that Daris gained 2 pounds. I didn't vote, but if I did it would be to keep him. Koli is a little too cocky for me.

bythelbs said...

Way to keep busy!

Alison Wonderland said...

My sister's a big square foot gardener. She gets tons of stuff from her garden.

You post, I'll read. The End.

TaLaisa said...

I just finished watching biggest loser. I'm shocked that Daris gained. And then tried to brush it off as par for the course while marathon training. To professional trainers. As if. Running doesn't burn a gazillion calories until you really speed up and then run several in a row, but still it's a metabolism booster even when you aren't actually running. (Average for a woman is 150 calorie a mile).

I can empathize with the emotional eating issues though. And the self sabotage. Again it's like we talked about the other day with Michael, I'm so glad they showed that side of it. And that Jillian called him out on it.

I am thrilled that Michael and Ashley are in in the finals. I think Michael is gorgeous. Love his smile, it's infectious!

Personally speaking, I stayed the same, didn't take a picture and I'm blaming this week on hormonal influx and monthly gifted bloating. But I'm positive it'll
be different next week.

I have a running partner, Hurray! As a result I ran 14 miles this week. Even when she didn't show up I was able to walk home and get a 4 legged partner and continue my run. (Instead of climbing back in bed, Success!)

Hurray for lots of finished projects. I have my vegetable garden all planted. My basil is almost ready to be plucked and turned into pesto for the first time this season. I love basil. I have all flowers planted with the exception of one large porch pot. The flowers are all bought I'm just dragging my feet because I'm not sure I love the flowers I chose to put in it.

I will read whatever you write, I have loved many of your very thought provoking writings.

Anne Marie said...

Please write more deep posts! I have loved them in the past. Weight...ahhhh..after losing almost 30 pounds in 6 months, I have since been plateaued for a year. Those last 10 or 15 pounds to lose have been a killer for me. Go easy on yourself! You have five kids including a baby and lots of other stuff going on. Give yourself time.

Julie said...

I'm exercising, so that's a plus. I'm doing Jillian's 30 day shred. I'm on Level 2 and it's keeking my bootay. Seriously. Actually, it's kicking my arms, too, so I should be really, really happy about that. And I am. My kids, Lily particularly, LOVE to do the video with me and I love that we are doing something healthy and life-enriching together.

I'm super jealous of your Beatles Rock Band. You know how I feel about those 4.