Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Biggest Loser: Bazillion Things Edition Not Even Biggest Loser Related

Back on April 21st, I weight 182.9. Now I weigh this. Huzzah! I blame NYC and San Francisco and their cursedly delicious food for my weight plateau. But now I'm back in the game, baby!

Thoughts on the show:
I love that Michael. His struggle is so real and understandably frustrating. I was glad he made it in the Top 4, though! And to be honest, I was glad Ashley made it into the top 4 over Sunshine. I think Sunshine rocks, but I think Ashley needed the motivation more.

Thoughts on Weight loss:
I did Jillian's Yoga Meltdown for the first time Monday night. Holy soreness! But it was awesome. I've also started eating a bit better. The vacations shook off my groove, even though I did my best to eat foods I knew were good for me.
American Idol:
Crystal is the best. She should win the whole thing. The duets?? AWE.SOME.
Amazing Race:
I was so bummed the Cowboys came in second place. But I'm really glad the other brothers won over Caite (whatever her name is). And Carol and Brandy? Bitter much?? Holy cow, they have no class. NONE.
I'm still confused. Loved it, but still confused. I need to watch last night's episode again.
Things Not Television Related:
*So, my ambition has hit a pretty high peak lately. Most of it has to do with the yard, but some of it has to do with my cooking/baking. I'm prepping myself for the onslaught of flower and vegetable planting, pond excavating, wasp-killing, and brick laying. The yard already looks so much better! And the kids have been excited and willing to help, so that's good. #3 was especially thrilled that I bought some big shovels.

*I'm getting excited for June again. REALLY excited. I love June. I hate May. And August. It's the curse of the school year. See, May is hard --the kids are antsy, the sun stays up longer (thereby tricking the kids into thinking they should stay up longer), and the sassiness reaches a fever pitch. But June? Blessed June? The kids are so excited to be out! I'm so excited to start our School! I'm thrilled with no schedules but my own!
By August?
It's like May. Only worse. Because the sassiness and whining happens ALL DAY rather than just part of the day. Because they aren't in school.

*This summer will be the summer of organization. The summer of the house. The summer of the monkeys. Just kidding on that last one.
I'm actually looking forward to purging like crazy. Purging is so cleansing to me! Plus, I've watched a few episodes of Hoarding on TLC. And I don't want to become like that. Even though I'm not anywhere near it. At all. But still, I better be careful, right?

*Remember the couple I live vicariously through? They're gettin' hitched in July in Tennessee. And we're going! Without children. Raise your hand and tell me if you think I can get the baby weaned in the next 2 1/2 months. Mine is half-raised. I'm sure gonna try! First thing tomorrow (or this afternoon) I'm gonna buy a really good sippy cup. No use weaning him to a bottle when he hates them, eh? But he's almost 10 months old and eats three solids a day and nurses three times a day, so I'm hoping it won't be too hard.
Sleeping at night, though? Without being nursed to sleep? Without co-sleeping?
Umm...well... next subject, please.

*I love rain. And lilacs. I need to buy a lilac bush. Or are they trees?

*My favorite color is green. What is yours?

*That is all.


TaLaisa said...

I'm down to 189.5. (.5 pound from last week). I still get those thoughts that creep in and tell me I should be losing 10 pounds a week, ala biggest loser. And then I remember that I'm only working out 1 hour a day. Because I have a family and a life outside of exercising. I have to be so careful not to get fanatical about exercising and weight loss.

But, I have gone for 45 minute runs 2 days this week so far. Outside. In the rain. And fresh air and I love it. And my calf muscles aren't killing me as much.

I LOVE that Yoga meltdown video. It is a killer workout.

I was so disappointed that the cowboys took 2nd. I wanted them to win. Glad Caite-can'tgetoverthemissteenusaincident and her boyfriend didn't win, though. And Carol and Brandy, so bitter. Would hate to live with all the negative energy they're harboring.

I've been planning my garden too! Excited!!! And just waiting for a nice weather day to come along so I can plant without getting soaked.

Cardalls said...

Here's a biggest loser report....since having my baby on April 21st (happy birthday to your #1 on same date :). I have lost 23 lbs in water weight! :O. I look like a different person honestly! Too bad it was water weight...the fat is still there but needs to depart...unfortunately it won't be as quickly as the 23 lbs :)

Rebekah said...

You're going to the wedding!?!?!?!?! How did I not know this?! This lets me know that we need to talk more... and strengthens my resolve to get my butt to TN in July. :) Oh, and thank you so much for the thoughtful Mother's Day gift! Very sweet! Yes, I need to call you.

sunrabbit said...

I know it is hard, woman, but I still recommend sleep training for James-y James. It will be HORRIBLE for a week. Then it will be BLISS. At least, that's how it has been for me, with all three of my boys. So worth it, and better for THEM, too, in the long run. Not to mention babysitters. Except I did mention them, didn't I? Okay, bye.