Friday, March 26, 2010

I Should Blog More. Or Do More Posts Like These.

#3 lost another tooth:

He is also obsessed with the camera. He even took it with us to our SEP conference with his Kindergarten teacher where she said: "#3, you could become a photographer for National Geographic!"
He LOVED that idea.
Here's some of his work:


If you noticed, I didn't blog about American Idol. My heart just isn't in it this year, I guess. And I was glad to see Paige go. And I liked Tim's goofy slide. And I think Crystal, Siobhan, and Didi are fabulous. I lurve them. But all in all? Meh.
Plus, I don't like Miley Cyrus.
And she sounded awful. Like last year.
Poor girl.
Actually, maybe I don't like her because she's 17 and she thinks she knows everything because she's "lived in the business." I was once 17 and arrogant. Weren't we all? Perhaps I should have more compassion for her...ooh! That's it. Pity. I can pity her.
I think I shall.

#1 had the chance to be tested for CAS (Center for Accelerated Studies --basically Gifted and Talented or whatever). She already goes once-a-month for the district-wide Science CAS day. But when I asked her if she wanted to do it, she vehemently said no. Well, maybe not vehemently. Just firmly. She said she'd rather do well at her own Elementary school and be with her friends.
I actually think it's a wise decision. And so relieved she made it instead of us!

I have only ONE more piano lesson to give next week and then I will be done!
I feel so free.

Some of you may already have read this on Facebook, but I'm gonna tell it here, too. Brandon left on Monday for Minneapolis. He then went to Lethbridge, Alberta on Tuesday. On Wednesday, he was supposed to go to Las Vegas until Friday. Well, the gorgeous boy found out on Monday that the Vegas thing was changed, so he didn't have to go. But he didn't tell me --he wanted it to be a surprise. So, just after dinner on Wednesday night, he comes walking in...and we were so excited! It was a fabulous surprise. I was literally giddy.
And now I'm going to eat lunch with him today.
Man, I miss him when he's gone. Isn't that so weird?

Speaking of missing my husband, I figured out why I miss him so much: The co-sleeping with #5. That I'm trying to fix. Now before your mind goes "there", let me reassure you that I'm talking about just being able to talk and cuddle with the man. It's nearly impossible when I'm fearful the baby will wake up. The co-sleeping thing is KILLING me.

I got the book I told you about (The No-Cry Sleep Method by what's her name) and it has fabulous stuff in it. Slow, patient, fabulous stuff. But it is --of course --slow going. Part of me wants to just not worry about it, but the boy has learned to fall asleep while nursing and while in my arms.
Not good.

But it's getting better. I'm slowly teaching him that he doesn't have to sleep in my arms. Nor nurse to sleep. The night-time nursings are slowly (but surely) lessening, and I can see slight progress. Slight is better than none, eh? Yes. Yes, it is.

BOOOO!! It's cold. I thought spring had sprung. But I forget that this is Utah. Of COURSE it will snow or rain or snow/rain in March. And April. And probably May. Perhaps this is why my heart belongs to June.
Sweet JUNE! Oh, how you elude me...

My Health-Care Plan Opinion: I share it with Julie. The End.

I love avocados! Love them. And walnuts. And blackberries. And Greek yogurt! I'm also in love with little birds who land on my sliding door screen and build nests in our broken-down back porch roof. I've also decided that I'm okay with a partially swept floor because #1 did her best, a mountain-high pile of clean laundry because it is CLEAN, and a toy-littered backyard because it means children live here.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


Amanda D said...

I agree with Julie on the healthcare too.

I've never tried greek yogurt. But I am realizing that I enjoy blueberries.

Gotta love the pictures kids take.

Getting babies to sleep on their own involved a lot of crying it out for my kids. I remember my oldest crying and crying for hours. It was heartbreaking.

June is the best month of the year. :)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

-Glad to see more pics of the know me, I love pictures!

-#3's picture of #5 is so cute! And I also love the composition of the 4 wheeler picture.

-We've been recording American Idol and watching it later (yeah, I know what you're thinking...and yes, we're proof that VCRs do still exist!) so that we can fast forward through the half of the contestants that we couldn't care any less about. I'm really not loving anyone but Crystal and Didi. (Yes inDidi!)

-Way to go for #1 for knowing what she wants at such a young age...she is a genius.

-As an aside, thanks for posting things here that you also post on Facebook. Since I quit Facebook (good riddance!) I do miss out on cute stories like that. And by the way, missing the hubby is good for your marital chemistry.

-Good luck with the co-sleeping thing. I guess I've officially reached that "old lady who is out of touch with infant-reality" stage, because holding a baby while he falls asleep sounds like heaven to me.

-Not to be contrary...but it must be kind of easy to share Julie's opinion on healthcare if you've always:
1) been able to find gainful employment which offers affordable insurance
or 2) been married to someone who has.
For those of us who don't fall into that category...well the e.coli burrito is all we've got.

-On a less controversial note, I appreciate your perspective on the laundry, toys, broken porch roof, etc. Way to go living the "Come what may, and love it". :)

flip flop mama said...

I felt the same way you do until we moved Mr Smiley out of our room. DH and I were basically strangers. It's been SO much better since! Will he have his own room or can he temporarily? In last (?) month's Parenting magazine there was a different method where you actually sit next to the crib for the first three nights, then move closer to the door the next three nights and then next to the door for three nights and by then you should be able to just leave. I'll try to find the article online if you want. I tried it after Mr. Smiley was really sick and got his teeth and got out of going to sleep well, but it just made him mad that I was right next to him and not picking him up. Email me if you want me to look for it.

Stephanie said...

66 degrees on Monday. We just have to hold out until then!!!

Cheryl said...

But that's what is sad. We shouldn't settle for the e.coli burrito. They should do it RIGHT instead of voting through something that will end up hurting more than helping.

He does sleep in his crib in the boys' room (all 3 boys share a room); but only for a little bit. Some nights it's 20 minutes, other nights it's a few hours. And then he cries, and I'm too lazy to put him back, so he stays in bed. It's totally my fault (oh, how I know this), but I was too tired to care. And crying-it-out created a massive change in his personality --so massive, that I won't do that again. It was very traumatic for us all.
Anyway...thank you for the idea from Parenting! That is actually suggested in the book I have, too.

Really!?!? I can't wait!

Greek yogurt is yummy! It's just really thick because they strain it through cheesecloth. It gets out the extra water and stuff. Try it WITH the blueberries. :)

Cheeseboy said...

I teach a "gifted" class and before I started it this year, I was firmly against it. Now, I think it is such a great thing. However, if a student is happy at their current school and their needs are being met to your satisfaction, I would never advise you to put them in a new school.

Anyway, sorry for lurking. You have an interesting blog.

Btw, my wife loves The Biggest Loser, but I can't stand all that crying. (I just barely blogged about this)

Cardalls said...

yay for husbands coming home early and unexpectedly! what a great surprise!

Here's my health care take...I'm for reform on high premiums etc. I think children shouldn't go without healthcare and there should be a "safety net" for families who cannot get insurance for whatever reason. I have a friend who has 6 kids, husband was just laid off and they cannot even get state healthcare for their children because they have 2 401k's and that is considered income. That is wrong, there should be something for them!