Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Biggest Loser: Less Than Fifteen To Go!

I lost 2.5 pounds! Woot!

Thoughts on the show:
I was relieved when Koli won the 10 grand. So relieved! Lance and Melissa just rub me the wrong way, and I was happy to see someone who didn't eat any cupcakes won. That's how it should have been. Way to go, karma!

Thoughts on weight loss:
Realizing that I only have less than 15 pounds to lose until I'm at the "high-end-BMI-but-totally-maintainable-and-healthy-for-me-because-I'm-five-foot-ten-inches" weight makes me so happy. Fifteen pounds is attainable for me psychologically. The 40 pounds I lost a few years ago were psychologically hard. And physically (of course). But man, watching The Biggest Loser each week is such a motivator! Plus weighing in, plus my new resolve to eat better, etc. I just wanna be healthy. I want hiking/camping season this summer to rock!

How did you do? What did you think of the show?


evitafjord said...

Well, last Friday, I lost 4 pounds in about 12 hours. Now that I can eat food again, I'm at 192.6, which is down 2.6 from last week.

Cardalls said...

I love Kolli and Sam and want one of them to win. They are just so pleasant and work so hard all the time...and no drama!

I am honestly dreading my post partum body....and all the work I will have to do in order to lose 40+ lbs. I was 25 lbs overweight to begin with and add to that the pregnancy weight (I've only gained 15 thus far). Blech! I think I'm off to enjoy some strawberry shortcake...gonna enjoy while I can :)

Amanda D said...

I'm still about the same on my weigh in. Still working out, still working on eating better.

I couldn't believe that no one gave Koli any minutes. SO glad that Lance didn't. He and his wife are strange.

So glad the Koli shaved his awful beard. Wish that Lance would have too.

Anonymous said...

I haven't weighed myself in ages, but I go to the doctor tomorrow. I reckon the scale will say something very much like it said the last time. :(

I'm happy for your weight loss, though. :)

Anonymous said...

I love how you're doing so well without having to count points or anything! Way to go!