Tuesday, December 01, 2009


So, life is going pretty good now-a-days. Sure, I injured my foot because I pushed myself too hard on the hill last week (I think I tore a muscle. Or twisted it. Or something), and yeah, I'm having chest pain (severe left side chest pain with every breath and so I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to get it checked out), and yeah, #5 has some kind of growth in his eyelid and so we need to go see a specialist to make sure it's harmless, and for sure, we're still waiting for job offers that we're optimistic will come, and yes, there's the constant exhaustion, but life is still pretty good. Why? Well, thanks for asking! I'll tell you:

1. Our house is merrily decked out for the holidays. I love me some merrily decking out.
2. Although my body is being put through the wringer these early mornings, I sure love waking up early and exercising. Okay, that's an oxymoron, because I really don't like the cold, or the early, but once I'm outside? Looking at the clear sky full of stars? Walking down a quiet street to meet two fabulous women and enjoy an hour of excellent education and sweat? I'm in heaven, baby.
3. Music soothes the soul. My soul is soothed with some of this going on:

4. Babies are delicious. Especially mine!
5. Brandon has a fourth round interview later this week with a company in California, and a meeting with a local company next week that more than likely will result in an offer!
6. We can pay our bills. And still have Christmas.

That's all for now. I wish I could write more and something very eloquent and comment-inspiring, but the baby is poopy and hungry, the kids are wreaking havoc, and I have to take the kiddies to stuff in a little bit. As most of you may have already guessed, this blasted post, as short as it is, has taken me all day to write. So much sighing...


Amanda D said...

So glad to hear that life is good. I'm loving your optimism. Good luck to Brandon on the interviews. And good for you on the morning exercise. I'm doing the same a few mornings a week (although we are rotating videos in the warmth of a church).

Julie said...

I love Sissel and decked halls, too.

Anonymous said...

Sighing is good. It means you're still alive. Get rid of that chest pain, though, will ya?

Anonymous said...

Sighing is good. It means your still alive. Get rid of that chest pain, though, will ya?