Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pictures! And Videos! And Other Stuff!

Last Friday (the 18th?), I met TaLaisa in real life. Yes! TaLaisa! That TaLaisa! I ordered some custom jewelry from her for some Christmas gifts (because her jewelry is amazing) and we met half-way between her place and mine for a quick swap of goods. I had my kids and she had her kids and I had a plate of brownies and she had a plate of the best homemade Christmas goodies I have ever, ever, ever, ever eaten in my life (which I didn't save for Brandon. Sorry Brandon!!). It was such a pleasure to finally (after 2 years and only living 30 miles apart; what's up with that?) meet her!
Rest assured I will be seeing more of this woman. Much more.
[Oh, and you should buy her jewelry. Or order some. I'm already a proud owner of 4 pairs of earrings myself!]

Children having fun one Sunday morning:
"Daddy, I need a haircut!
Disastrous results in trying to show-off the haircut:
Christmas Around the World at BYU to see Jessica dance! Remember the couple I'm living vicariously through? Yep. This is them. Aren't they gorgeous?!?
#1 and #2 danced and sang at the annual SCERA Youth Theater Christmas Extravaganza Thingy-ma-jingy:
Thanks to cake mixes, I baked a bit this year:
#5 on the day of his surgery, zonked out from the ordeal:
#1 and her "gingerbread" house. I volunteered to help out in her classroom (with much persuasion from the room mom) while they made these, and I must say that it was delightful! It was just me, #1, and her classmates; rare, that. I think I may have to do it again:
Making Christmas Cookies for decorations with Brandon. I was the camera-woman. Brandon actually did the baking part. But ooh, ooh! If you watch the video, you will see our house all Christmas-y:
Brandon is currently in Las Vegas for the bowl game tonight. Merry Christmas to him! I really wanted to go myself, but it didn't make sense with all the kiddies. But it really is Brandon's Christmas gift this year, so it's probably good he's hanging doing the football thing with a bunch of guys and not his wife who would somehow twist it into something romantic. Not because I'm a girl, silly --because I'm a hopeless Romantic. Hello!
But anywhosers, he comes home tomorrow, and then he's mine! All mine! For at least a Holiday. And a weekend. ;)
Oh, and nothing to report job-wise, yet. My faith and patience are still being faith-like and patient, but this may have to do with the fact that I'm completely focusing upon Christmas and all it entails, rather than thinking forward into January. Which is wise. For now. Very wise.
Oh, and Happy Festivus for the Rest of Us!
P.S. We'll be in Idaho on Christmas Day and for a few days beyond that (possibly until Tuesday morning). If you'd like me to plan a shin-dig, let me know. I'll totally do it. And I'm not opposed to Sunday evening activities with buddies!


Amanda D said...

Merry Christmas, Cheryl! I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful time with your hubby and cute kids.

PS Go Cougars!

Julie said...

It always! happens that they bonk their something or other on camera, doesn't it?!

So glad you got to meet TaLaisa -- she is so wonderful! And so are you! Perfect match!

Merry Christmas to you and the family!


I'll be in Idaho this weekend and would be open to attending a shin-dig. Merry Christmas!

Brandon said...

Thanks, beautiful! It was a fun Vegas trip and I really appreciate you letting me go... I'm looking forward to being yours for Christmas. :)

flip flop mama said...

Merry Christmas!

blogging and bliss~ said...

Merry Christmas Cheryl. It has been great blog stalking you and seeing how you are.

Gio, Judi and Boys said...

Looks like you had a great pre christmas week! hope you had fun in idaho....