Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brag About Your Kids, Please!

Today, my post is about braggin' about your kids.
I'm serious.
I want you to brag about your kids to me. Not in a condescending way, of course, but I want you to tell me why you love each of your kids (or cats, Becky!). I want to know their strengths (not weaknesses!) and I want to know why you think they rock the world.
I'll start:

#1 is fantastic because she has powerful optimism that can take on any challenge.
#2 is fabulous because her imagination is only surpassed by her ability to make us laugh.
#3 is phenomenal because his inquisitive mind leads him to find solutions and discover new things.
#4 is wonderful because his love is deep and includes everyone.
#5 is out-of-this-world because he is a ray of sunshine that has blessed all of our lives.

I adore my kids, dear reader. I know that they are a challenge at times, and I know that sometimes I hem and haw and sigh and stutter because of the hard times we have, but! They are my joy. I think Brandon would agree with me. Our kids rock!

Now tell me about yours!


Gio, Judi and Boys said...

i only have 2 boys...and could brag all day long about them!
#1 in the past 6 months he has grown so much and is become an amazing man (he was already an amazing young man!). his desire to serve a mission has helped him to grow in so many different ways. he is a great son and brother. he makes us laugh he is always positive and a wonderful friend to everyone! has always done great in school and is thoughtful and kind. i have been the recepient of him and his father using their priesthood to bless our home, and me and i know even more that he has a strong testimony of the gospel and will be a great missonary. (he just doesn't like a lot of attention..he likes to abserve).
#2 is kind, sensitive, funny, bright, cheerful, sometimes moody, great at math, and loves everyone. he doesn't like contention and has a sweet and gentle spirit. he has a strong testimony of the gospel for such a young man (work in progress). he is our joy.

Cardalls said...

#1.So smart..loves to learn. so willing and helpful and so wants to be obedient

#2. so affectionate and kind. such a good friend to all. my best helper with his younger siblings.
#3. energetic, enthusiastic, happy and makes us all laugh daily
#4. sweet, adorable. added a feminine touch to our house. but fiercely independent and i love it!

nweames said...

What a great idea! I need to focus more on my kids strengths.

#1 - considers everyone her friend and wants everyone to be happy. She also has an amazing memory that I am constantly relying on and loves to read.
#2 - Though quiet he is a deep thinker and feels things deeply. He has an amazing sense of humor and is a wonderful older brother, I love watching him starting school and his excitement at learning new things.
#3 - Never does anything half way, it is all or nothing. She always wants to help me in the kitchen and is a wonderful helper. With her two older siblings gone, it is amazing to watch her blossom with both responsibility and being independent.
#4 - Makes me happy. While only 3 months old, he is very enthusiastic when he is happy and is rarely sad, perhaps the most content child I have. He reminds me to be content with life as well. He is a constant reminder that our greatest trials bring our greatest blessings!

Anonymous said...

#1-4 are awesome because even when I'm having the mother of all suckish mother days, they still love me and forgive me.

Amanda D said...

That pic of the four kids in the leaves (showing faces) is fabulous! It's priceless.

I like bythelbs answer, so I'll ditto hers.

Kellie Miller said...

#1 is beyond creative, I marvel and what she can come up with out of virtually nothing. She keeps surprising us.
#2 loves deeply, wholly, and completely. There is nothing better than when #1 comes home and he gets to run out and greet her with a hug. That same hug he greets me when I pick him up from preschool and the same hug he greets daddy with when he comes home. So full of love.
#3 smiles all the time. Such a ray of sunshine. He is observant, taking in the world, but easily distracted by his thumb and a soft blanket.

Jill said...

Emery is very smart. When it's his turn to read a verse at scripture time, he can identify "It came to pass, to, I, and, a" and a few others. He love puzzles and pretend.

Chani's hair is finally growing in. She's very girly and loves bows, cute clothes, and shoes.

Kara said...

#1 is amazingly creative and imaginative, she loves to learn and wants to be friends with everyone. She is gaining more independence and starting to grow up.

#2 is so full of energy. I do believe it is her goal to make everyone laugh and smile. It melts my heart to get home from teaching and have her get so excited and dancing around saying mama.

#3 is small but the complete joy of my life, her smile and giggle melt my heart. She is so sweet and I love watching her grow.

To me my kids are like air and water, I couldn't live without them. They are each challenging in thier own ways but they are so special.

Annette Lyon said...

What a cool idea for a post!

#1 is freakishly creative and a hard worker. Put those together, and he can come up with some of the most amazing animations. Some day, he's going to wow Pixar or some other major company.

#2 is way smart and dedicated to getting good grades now that she's in jr. high. She woke up an hour early this morning to get some assignments finished from when she was sick last week. I was still asleep. Plus, she's a great friend.

#3 has this inner antennae that registers others' emotions. She serves and loves and can just tell when someone needs help. She's also way smart and creative, and loves to help out.

#4 is just finding herself and realizing that yes, she can do hard stuff like piano and art and reading and math just like her siblings. She challenges herself every day and likes to surprise people with service.

siobhan said...

#1 is the smartest kid i've ever met. she is kind, helpful, and always willing to try something new. she has patience that runs for miles, which she freely gives to me. she's "sporty spice" and is crazy good at any sport she tries. her teachers think she walks on water. she practices piano even when she would rather play.

#2 is very doting. she likes to rub our backs, play with our hair, and help with the baby. she loves learning about anything that interests us. she is shy and stubborn, so we thought she wouldn't care much for soccer, but she is amazing at it!

#3 is a handful. she is fiercely stubborn and wants what she wants when she wants it. her two big sisters are far too good to her! fortunately, her naughtiness is tempered by a hilarious sense of humor and perfect timing when it comes to giving affection. she craves alone time and thrives one-on-one, which is when her joy best shines. she's a buckt full of personality!

#4 is still a wee one. she already has developed a sense of humor and is delicious to hold. she also has a great deal of patience for me, which makes my life easier. and she's our only redhead, so what's not to love?!

sandra said...

#1 Is amazing and has a forgiving heart, is always willing to listen to those around her and not be judgemental.She will be an amazing mother one day. #2 is very loving and always wants to please and do the right thing. He is very smart and loves music and singing. #3 is a spit fire, she lives life to the fullest and rarely gives up she wil be able to press forward through anything and loves playing with everyone. #4 is determined and full of energy and also loves people.