Friday, July 10, 2009

My Week

Monday: Cleaned the whole house. This included laundry and many errands.
Tuesday: Kind of the same thing, but with less cleaning. Helped #1 pack her stuff; welcomed Canadian relatives into our home; said good-bye to #1 and Brandon (via phone) as they headed off to the airport.
Wednesday: Family stuff in SLC
Thursday: Family reunion in Orem. Saw many relatives I only see every 3-4 years when Grandma gets the hankerin' to have another Utah reunion. Ironically, these relatives live within 30 minutes of my home. Figures.
Today: Said good-bye to Canadian relatives. Cleaned a bit. Did some laundry. Now online.

See, #1 is gone for two whole weeks (*sniff). She's going to a family reunion I cannot attend due to my extreme pregnant large-ness. Then she will be spending time with her Nana and Papa for a week or more --alone! She is thrilled to be able to spend alone-time with them (and her aunts and an uncle). She deserves it, too. #1 is my best helper, and a vacation from home and fighting siblings is just what she needs.
I still miss her, though. Like crazy.
In fact, I was thinking: I have no control over what happens to her right now. If she gets hurt, I will not be able to help. If she feels sad, I won't be able to hug her. If she gets lost, I won't be able to find her. If she is scared, I won't be able to protect her. She is completely out of my hands.
I think I get it, now. The whole wanting-to-protect-our-kids thing. She's still my baby, gosh darn it, but I know I can't protect her from everything forever. And you know? It was so different when I was on vacation and she was at home with her siblings and such. How was it different? I seriously have no idea. But it was. Maybe because she is the one off on the adventure this time? Maybe?

On another sad note, Brandon is also gone for two weeks (blog stalkers, beware! I have an alarm system, a mean cat, and lots of nosy neighbors). He's in school right now, but he'll be leaving for London on Monday. This is okay --unless I go into labor early. (Knock on wood, knock on wood, knock on wood...) Plus, I miss him when he's gone. Weird how I miss my husband. I know. It's totally insane or something.
Insert silly grin, here.

Oh, and I just realized I never blogged about the Fourth of July. Well, it was actually really fun! The pictures, of course, are on the camera. And cannot be downloaded at the present time. But I can still tell you what we did: We went to the parade, had a barbecue, watched a movie, took naps, packed a picnic, went to the Temple Grounds (the MTC fields in front of it), sent #1 with her aunt and uncle to Stadium of Fire, played, ate, read, watched the fireworks, went home. The End.

In other news, I am tired.
Oh, and the kids can't stop fighting, which means I can't stop yelling, which means we're all grumpy. But hey! I've finished reading Pretties and I started Specials today. I like 'em. Oh! And we have loads of Canadian candy to eat --I would complain about how I'm gorging myself, but my self-control is actually pretty awesome right now. In fact, I think I'm craving an orange.

And now I must leave you, dear reader. Adieu.


Ryan and Missy- said...

Mmmmm Canadian candy. I miss Canada.

Brandon said...


Gio, Judi and Boys said...

can I just make a comment about protecting our kids? My number #1 is 18 and he doesn't have to leave for me to still feel the need to protect him. I know that he is fine with his friends, but still....i guess it is because i wonder if i've done enough to prepare him to take care of himself? i sure hope so because mission is coming soon! as for #2 he is leaving for cedar city at the end of the month for 4-5 days and i'm freaking is his first time to leave me... :(
i don't think it ever goes away. probably like our father in heaven who always wants to protect us, but at some point he has to let us go....does it ever get easier....i doubt it.
have a great week!

Alison Wonderland said...

I love you, can you move in next door to me? How about across the street?

Cheryl said...

No, no, no. You move in across the street from ME. ;)

Enjoy the ones I sent; the others are going fast...

Anonymous said...

Dude, I just got the Uglies trilogy. I'm about to start Pretties myself. Right after I finish my fighting kitty books.