Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Crazy Luck

I just spent two days in Midway, UT with my parents (and some of the time with my sister and her family) and had an amazing time. We swam, we "hiked" (short nature walks), we ate fabulous food, we took pictures, we laughed, we sat around...and it was lovely. And although I didn't sleep very well last night (shared a bed with #3 and he moves around A LOT!), I was so glad to have gone. There were no computers and only my unreliable cell phone. I was completely relaxed, and swimming relieved all the joint and back pain I've been having. The best part? It took 30 minutes to get there and 30 minutes to get back.

Ahh, nearby vacations are the best.

So, we came home tonight (me, #2, #3, and #4), and we walked into the clean house (well, the upstairs, anyway). I was so happy with myself; I breathed in the clean air and patted myself on the back for having cleaned before leaving.
And then I walked into the kitchen.
I saw water.
On the floor.

My gut reaction was to freak, but within a split second I chose the alternative. I calmly took #3 by the arm and said quietly, "#3? Could you please quickly get me some towels from the hall?" and I showed him the water.
The kid sprang into action! Who knew a quiet voice could have such effect?
Well, I did, but I always forget.
Anyway, turns out the hose that connects from our sink behind our cupboards and stove to our fridge (for the water feature-thing --you know, so you can get water from the door of the fridge?) had gotten punctured somehow. The punctured part was lying on the floor of the lazy-susan cupboard, and it had leaked at least 24-48 hours worth of water. It was all over my kitchen floor (have I mentioned how I have wood floors?), the cupboard was 1 inch deep (luckily nothing was damaged!), and the water under the stove was leaking through the baseboard tooooooo....
....the basement. That's right, folks! But there's good news; we already had a leaked-through hole that leads directly into the shower in the basement. So, all the water? In the shower! Going down a drain!
How lucky is that?

But man, it was still not something I wanted to come home to. It makes sense, though. I really don't have the best luck with this kind of stuff; and when Brandon is gone, it gets worse. Why? I have no idea. None. God must have great faith in me. Or an elevated sense of humor.
I'll take both!


hayngrl101 said...

My VT companion had a similar thing happen to her last summer. They calld in the insurance company and as a result, have ended up getting all new flooring through out the house, and paint as well because it leaked through the walls as it was going downstairs. They are basically getting a free remodel out of the flooding. Crazy.

Have you thought about having it checked out? Just in case if there is any mold from it or other damage that you can't see from the outside?? Just thinking...

Alison Wonderland said...

Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. It's so true though that staying calm just makes everything go better.

Cheryl said...

Oh, the water damage really isn't that bad. We're talking minimal; and all of our wood floors need to be refinished anyway. So, I guess to head off any other questions --no, it's not even close to bad enough to call the insurance company, and it's really going to be fine. Just annoying, if anything...

Julie said...

I have heard of that happening with the hose thingie and every time I do, I think, "Geesh, I need to disconnect that before we leave on a long trip." But I never do.
I'm glad it didn't end up causing a ton of damage.
And that you stayed calm! You're totally right -- it does help the situation to be way less stressful.

Cardalls said...

Great job on the calm voice!

Gio, Judi and Boys said...

I would have freaked! Good for you! Do you need any help with anything? Let me know. I have some free time if you do!

Annette Lyon said...

Talk about luck indeed. Someone was watching over you.

I doubt would have spoken quietly.

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you. Hope your kitchen floor is OK.

FoxyJ said...

So not fun! Our dumb luck has blessed us with broken air conditioning during the hottest days of the summer. And a landlord who is really hard to get a hold of. Sigh.

BTW--that's why I didn't come by tonight, plus my parents stopped by unexpectedly on their way through town. Hopefully I'll see you another time!