Thursday, July 16, 2009

Change of Plans

Turns out I'm not going to be induced on the 27th.

My midwife (whom I still love) has requested I be moved to the 28th. This is due to the fact that she will be the only midwife on call and in the office on the 27th (long story. Okay, I'll tell you anyway: One midwife is out with a bad back; head nurse will be on vacation the 27th; other midwife and this midwife are trying to man the 3-midwife office for the time being). This automatically equates not being able to be with me while I'm in labor. But she left the decision up to me, and seeing how I value a midwife's time and energy (and complete attention) during my labors and deliveries, it was a no-brainer.

So, I'm being induced on the 28th.

What's 24 hours? To me (and Brandon), not much. Especially since it's still before my due date. Just 5 days, but still...

That is all.

Oh! Except you should go to Mormon Women tomorrow. We're starting a new feature called "Ask a Mormon Woman" and I got the first question.

Oh! And tonight I had the pleasure of enjoying the company of some awesome bloggers. Some of them included Alison Wonderland, Annette Lyon, Amanda D, Julie P, m&m, and...wait. That was all of 'em. Anyway, it was fun! I promise to plan another one in a few months...

And now that is all. Happy sleeping!

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Annette Lyon said...

It was so fun! Except that I got there too late to see Alison--bummer. But I got to meet Michelle!

Thanks for hosting!