Sunday, July 19, 2009

An Explosion of Randomness

*Brandon is home! We picked him up at the airport last night.
Too bad he leaves again Thursday night. However, it's just for school, so he'll be home the following Sunday (which is next Sunday; you know, the one after this one).

*#1 is not home --but she will be on Wednesday night! Or Thursday sometime. Not sure on the timeline (it's a long drive).

*The "aren't you due soon?" questions aren't bothering me as much lately. Maybe it's because they haven't been accompanied with "are you sure you're not having twins?"

*When my house is clean, I am happy. In fact, I've decided that the cleanliness of my house is in direct correlation to my ability to be happy. I'm not surprised, seeing how I'm kind of a control-freak --or as I like to say it "able to ascertain one's sense of order."
But anyway, the house is clean, and therefore I am happy. I know that it is not always clean, and at times I am actually happy when it is not clean (or at least the happiness is not connected to the cleanliness), but I would be a big, fat liar if I said my house in chaos and disarray (et al. DIRTY) didn't bug the heck out of me. Because it does. Now, dear reader, what about YOUR house? Honestly, my happiness has absolutely nothing to do with the order and cleanliness of your house. In fact, I don't care how you keep your house. I will still love you and visit you and not judge you in any form. I promise. I just can't do the same for me.
Now, ain't that grand?

*#4 has shown signs of wanting to potty-train. I can blame this on all his father, who (in a moment of weakness, I must say, although he disagrees --of course) showed #4 the toilet and explained how he could go in there. #4 took him up on it (and hallelujah that I was not home at the time!) and tried to go by himself --on the big toilet! No, no --there was no falling in, but I do remember hearing a tale of some messiness. Anyway, the point is that #4 is kind of interested, and that makes me upset. I'm not ready to potty-train right now! In 3 months? 2 months? Sure! Bring it on! But not one week before I deliver another child. There is NO WAY I'm going to embark upon the potty-training with a brand new baby and a recovering body (mine). Although the idea of only one in diapers again is very appealing...

*I have decided I like Colgate toothpaste best. It's hard to explain, but I believe it has to do with the after-feeling/tingling/cleanliness.

*It's that time of the pregnancy when my body has turned into a combustion chamber. Or melting pot. Or sweat-dripping-from-every-pore-no-matter-what-time-of-day-it-is. And the thing is, it doesn't matter if I'm pregnant in January or July --it's always the last 3-4 weeks of the pregnancy that does it, and not the weather (although this heat is killing me. Hooray for basements!). In fact, I remember very distinctly being embarrassed in church (many weeks) in the middle of January because I couldn't stop sweating and no amount of antiperspirant was going to stop the stains from showing up.
Do you know, dear reader, I changed my shirt three times on Thursday? So I could present myself at three different venues in a respectable fashion (meaning: no pit stains)? Yeah. It's that bad. Aren't you glad I told you?

*Toblerone is an awesome candy bar. I love it.

*Have you ever worried about something you really had no control over? Me, too.

*My cousin got married two weeks ago. We couldn't attend (it was in Canada), but we did go to one of their receptions last night here in Utah County. Seeing them all spiffed up in their awesome wedding clothes, eating reception food, seeing the presents, and dancing made me think about my own wedding --and I realized how OLD I am. It's been 10 1/2 years since my wedding, and since I'm one of the oldest cousins (on both sides of my family --heck! Brandon is the oldest grandchild on his side), there were no little kids at the wedding. In fact, I think the youngest was...7? 8? It was strange to be at a wedding with my kids running around (a lot of kids, in fact) and realizing that they were nieces and nephews as well as "the cousin's" kids. So weird. Even weirder was seeing how gorgeous my cousin was and realizing I just don't look like that anymore. I mean, don't get me wrong --I'm totally somethin'! (haha) But nothing like that.
Le sigh.

*I only have a few things left to do this week for the baby: set up bassinet, register at the hospital, pack my bags, and...that's pretty much it! Oh, and relax. Except when I relax, I go into labor. Maybe I'll wait until Brandon's back again to relax...

*What's on your mind?


Annette Lyon said...

What a lovely explosion of randomness. For your sake, I hope the potty training of #4 happens on its own. Wouldn't that be a dream come true?

I had THREE summer pregnancies, so I can relate well to the sweating no matter what issue. It's delightful.

What's on my mind? I put out the Rhodes rolls too early, and they fell. We'll be eating rocks for dinner.

WV: sighted

earlfam said...

You could potty train this week. But he would completely regress as soon as you came home with a new baby so what would be the point?

I've gained 6 pounds in the last 6 months and I'm determined to reverse the trend, so I'm hungry, which is the only thing I can think about when I'm trying to lose weight.

Cardalls said...

On my mind is getting ready for family to come into town. My house is fairly clean, but not " OCD clean freak sister-in-law clean". Not sure it will ever be at that level.

Also I have a mission and high school reunion coming up. Losing 25 lbs in 2 weeks is on my mind...hmmm I should have thought about that 6 months ago. I am working out daily and eating better. I will shed a few lbs by then.

Anonymous said...


Alison Wonderland said...

Cleanliness is almost always related to mood Dang it!!

Wait to potty train!!!! If you do it now then in a month (after the baby has usurped you attention) he will revert to a lack thereof in order to get your attention. But if you wait for a month or so then he can learn to get your attention. (At least that's how it usually works.)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy a Toblerone too. Just the regular ones, though. None of that fruit or white chocolate crap.

Oh, and I like Colgate toothpaste best too. Nothing else even comes close for me. Plus they have those cool flip top lips.

I mostly don't like to think/talk about the cleanliness of my home. Lalalalala, I can't hear you. (Though at the moment, it's not too shabby. We've had a couple of guests over this past week--that always helps motivate.)

Michelle Walker said...

What have I been thinking about? Mostly how far away all my friends are {you} and how I can get back to them.

--I love your olde English. I shan't let you say otherwise.

flip flop mama said...

Toblerone is yummy. I've had a crazy two days. Boogers has now thrown up in the car because of car sickness, I washed my cell phone and I got a flat tire. I'm ready to just sit and do nothing for a couple days....Yeah, like that's going to happen.