Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Baby Talk (and wanna do lunch?)

My midwife clinic lost two midwives last year --one to retirement, and another to a move. A few months ago, they hired a new one. And she rocks.
Today, she completely validated everything I have been trying to tell doctors and midwives about my ability (and tendency) to have big babies. She also agreed with my decision to cancel the 37 week ultrasound.
I sooooooo hope she's gonna deliver this one, because validation rocks!
In the car this morning, driving to the midwife appointment:

#2: I have so many mosquito bites! It's not fair!
#1: I have one on my neck? Why would they bite my neck?
me: I used to get lots of mosquito bites. Lots! They loved me --they would only bite me and not your dad.
#1: Why?
me: I don't know. How come they don't bite #3 but they love to bite #2?
#2: But the mosquitos don't bite you anymore.
me: I know. I think it's because of the pregnancy! My body is fighting against them.
#3: It's the baby!
me: Probably.
#3: He's fighting them off and kicking them off of you.
me: Ha! Yep.


#3: I know what we should name the baby.
me: What?
#3: Mosquito Killer!

Lots of laughter

I have NOTHING ready for this baby. Nothing.
I mean, sure, I have a car seat and high chair and swing and bassinet. I have towels and blankets and burp rags and a baby tub. I have clothes (somewhere) and shoes (somewhere) and strollers and all the babywearing products I need (hooray for EllaRoos, Moby D's, and Beco's!). I have the nursing bras, the fat pants, the Tuck's pads, the maxi pads, the Boppy pillow, and I may have some nursing pads (maybe?). I have clippers, and a nose sucker (somewhere) --I even have shampoo and soap.
But I have nothing cleaned. Or found. Or washed.
I also have no onesies (you have to buy new onesies and some socks with each kid --especially if they are spitters like my babies!).
And I HAVE to get #4 out of the crib. I have to. I have made sure all the other kids were in Big Kid beds before the next baby came, so when I had to take the crib to use for the new baby, nobody threw a fit (in fact, I'm really good at making them think it was their idea!). So, I need a new big boy bed. And I need it...yesterday.

And my memory is kind of shot, so I can't remember what else I will need.
Do you remember what else I will need?
I am officially to the every-two-week appointment now. Holy cow! 32 weeks and counting, you know. I feel big, but I look good. Which is nice. Ironically, this may actually be the easiest pregnancy (despite the fluid level scares) I've ever had.
I've only gained 20 pounds, and I started out only 5 pounds overweight!
I don't get to nap (my kids stop napping around 2 years old. It's innate. Don't ask me why), and yet I have the energy to do things.
Heartburn, which I thought would be in full throttle by now, has only occurred once.
I'm still wearing my rings.
My ankles are still thin.
How did this happen? That my 5th pregnancy, at age 30, would be my easiest thus far? Well, I ain't complainin'! Here's all my gratitude gushing out. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will never take this for granted...
No Baby Talk Here:
Just letting you all know that if you would like to join me (and 3 other bloggers) for lunch around 1PM in SLC on Saturday (June 13th), you are welcome to come! Please email me (happymeetscrazy at gmail dot com) and let me know --I'll give you the details!


Jill said...

I'm glad things are going well for you, pregnancy wise. I think you need to add diapers and wipes to your list. Good luck with the transition to a big boy bed. I'm sad I'll miss your lunch....we're coming to visit, but not until the end of June.

TaLaisa said...

Hurray for easier more enjoyable pregnancies! While pregnant with my last (my easiest and healthiest pregnancy) I was convinced that the good health was either a)an opportunity to leave me with overall positive feelings of pregnancy despite 2 other not so great pregnancies or b)an easy pregnancy so I could easily say 'I can do that again'.

I would love to come on Saturday (as I'm at 9lbs gone and I've almost earned it, remember?) and I have an amazing essential oil blend that fends of the mosquitoes (just in case they come back to munch you post-pregnancy) and I'd give you a bottle of that and some lavender. Lavender is an amazing post bite remedy for the itchiness of skeeter bites. BUT I can't come, because Saturday's are super crazy for me, this one is our final weigh out for Slim Down Sandy. I'm crossing my fingers and toes for the big 10.

As for what you need, my memory is already foggy in that direction. Little babies need far less 'stuff' than Babies'r'us would like us to believe. I loved my pouch for carrying around my 3rd baby. Do you have one of those?

Jill said...

A few more things. Pacifiers if you're into that, breast pump, lanolin, and a good nursing cover.

Gio, Judi and Boys said...

and don't forget the hand sanitizer for kids and guests...:)

Anonymous said...

You could call him MK for short. That would be cool.

Good luck with the nesting! And try not to have too much fun without me on Saturday. *sniff

Cheryl said...

AH! Diapers and wipes! Holy cow, how could I forget that one? And yes! I need binkies and a nursing cover (hmm...I wonder who makes those? :) ).

And hand sanitizer and no having fun without Bythelbs. Check!

And TaLaisa, I have three baby wraps --two "wrap" wraps, and one beco carrier. Love them! (and super congrats on the weight loss!)

Alison Wonderland said...

Stuff schmuff, wrap the kid in a towel and put him down in a drawer. Only first time moms need stuff.

Julie said...

I kind of feel like Allison on this one. I didn't get anything new with Cannon except a nursing cover and a sling (from two awesome commenters right here!!). I enjoyed those very much. But diapers and wipes are all you REALLY need. Heck, I didn't even use a diaper bag anymore.

And I'm really sad, but this Saturday is out for me.

And TaLaisa --- YOU ROCK, GIRL!