Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bizarre All Around

Wow! This is my 804th post.
I must have had a lot to say. Figures.
This Pregnancy of mine is simply bizarre. Crazy. Totally-weird-strange-out-there.
Well, I had another midwife appointment this morning, and it here's what I learned:
*I'm measuring only 31 weeks (I'm just over 28 weeks), although 4 weeks ago I was measuring 30 (which instigated the ultrasound).
*I've only gained 16 pounds in 28 weeks. Only two in the last 4 weeks. And I haven't been sick at all! Not even once. I'm also eating my meals and I'm NOT exercising. What is up with the lack of weight?
*Half of my blood work-up is missing from my 12 week appointment.
*I feel great; I'm barely uncomfortable, actually.
*Yet I have another ultrasound to check the fluid levels again on Monday.

I just don't get it.
But hey! I'm not gonna complain! This baby is moving around like crazy, his heart-beat is strong, there's no signs of pre-term labor, and I'm feeling great. The bizarre-ness is just baffling because it's unexpected, I guess. And just...bizarre.
So, I watched Twilight with Brandon on Saturday night.
What did I think?
You really wanna know?
Twilight lived up to every single expectation I had. I loved the cheesiness, the bad acting (holy cow, Edward's gothic staring!), how the plot followed the book (not perfectly, but pretty well!), and the whole thing.
I did!
Of course, my expectations were for cheesiness and bad acting. So, there you go.
The best part for me, though, was that Bella actually made more sense to me as a character. Reading her in the books, she was confusing and whiny and...well...you know. But in the movie? All I saw was some quiet, shy, introverted girl who falls in love with a vampire. The introversion of her character was so much easier to SEE rather than READ, you know? And I'm betting that it has EVERYTHING to do with how Twilight was written from Bella's PoV --the first person didn't allow us to see Bella from the outside, because we were in her crazy head. Does that make sense?
Anyway, I'm gonna watch it again. And I may still need to buy it --because I was really happy with it! Surprised? Don't be. I'm okay with cheesiness. In fact, I secretly love it, especially if it's thrown together with a vegetarian vampire! Hot dog!

I know. I'm weird.


April J. said...

Next time you watch it pay attention to Jasper, that guy is hilarious. He really looks like he is in pain!

Annette Lyon said...

Glad the pregnancy is going so well. Enjoy the bizarre!

I have to agree about the movie. I think it's better than the book--they had to take out all the boring thoughts and pointless talk and show the action. When you put the whole plot together, it's not too bad. Except for the cheesy acting and goofy special effects. Jasper made me giggle.

Anonymous said...

Well, he's not exactly vegetarian, now, is he? What with the deer and cougars and stuff.

So glad the pregnancy is going well!

FluffyChicky said...

Sounds like you are a perfect preggo puff! Awesome.

Twilight was a total cheese fest and I loved it too.

Congrats on the 804th post. I think I am on 74. Awesome.

Richelle said...

You didn't have to listen to Bella's whining and obsessively thinking about how HOT Edward was. It got a little old in the book. Yah, I didn't have too high of expectations for the movie, so it was about as good as I expected. :)

Susan M said...

Embrace the cheese!

flip flop mama said...

I couldn't get over the cheese factor. LOL Glad the pregnancy is going well despite the weirdness.

C Mommy said...

I totally enjoyed the movie too!!! It made me (strong word but, to me true) read the first book again to see if I had remembered everything correctly from so long ago.... Loved it... bought it at Target so I could get even more extras then at Walmart etc.... they have some special deal and you can get a free download too! :) yeah, I think I got way too excited over this one!