Tuesday, May 12, 2009

AI: Final Three!

Song One: I don't know this song, either. It was fun --it was loud --it was okay.
Song Two: Best Danny Gokey performance ever!

Song One: David Archuleta did this better last year.
Song Two: Best Kris Allen performance ever!

Song One: The first verse was the best part and he should have left it like that. Bono sings it better (duh). Maybe I was put off because U2 is sacred ground to me.
Song Two: Once again, the beginning was better than the end. How is it possible that Adam was my least favorite of the night?!
The world has gone mad.

Who should go home:
Don't care

Who should win:
Don't care

And I love Simon Cowell. That is all.

What did you think?


Annette Lyon said...

I have to disagree a bit. Danny's first song--meh. Second one, really blah at first, but it picked up.

Kris--He rocked the house. I don't think they gave him enough credit for #1.

Adam--For the U2 one, you have to look at it as a totally different song than what Bono sang. And what he did was GOOD. It just wasn't U2. Which it wasn't supposed to be. He did great on Aerosmith too, but then, they're not my favorite band.

Who's going home? No clue. If America thinks Adam is safe and insists on voting for their other favorite, we'll have a situation like a few years ago when Melinda when home at this stage--everyone assumed she was safe and didn't vote for her.

But assuming Adam is safe--it's almost a toss-up between Danny and Kris. I think Kris deserves it a teeny tiny bit more (we're talking miniscule amounts--they're both awesome), but I'm guessing Danny might get the pity vote because of his widower story.

It'll be a close vote either way, I'm guessing.

Gio, Judi and Boys said...

i will give my two cents and say that Kris was the best of the night. he was amazing. wow!!!

danny wasn't bad, though the 1st song it sounded like he was yelling part of it.

adam...yes he has a great voice and can perform, but he was my least fav also...wow...i guess because i'm not into the songs that he sang.

who should go home....it could be any one of them...

who should win....it could be any one of them...

wednesday will tell....

Cardalls said...

Go Kris! Adam is a shoe in and I thought Danny did a good job, but have always preferred Kris to Danny!

Susan M said...

It's anyone's game at this point. Makes it exciting! I think Danny will go home, though.

Julie said...

I'm with Susan. And I hope Danny goes home.

I didn't love either of Adam's songs last night -- I feel like I've figured out his shtick and now I can nearly guess what he's going to do on every song. That does not, however, take away from the truth that this kid can seriously sing.

Danny's second song was nice, but I thought it was also very predictable.

Kris was so so so so good on that second song!!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!

I knew exactly why he didn't go acoustic with the One Republic song -- he was like, Cara, Randy, I'm doing that with my second song and I can't go all matchy matchy, ya know?!!!! I loved him.
But then, I love him, so what do I know?

Julie said...

Oh, and did anyone else have trouble voting last night? I tried all 3 of Kris' numbers and all I got was a fast busy signal. It was so frustrating! I tried periodically for an hour and never got anything besides that.

flip flop mama said...

I hope Kris wins. I just don't think I could listen to a CD of Adam. I thought he did poorly last night. The slow parts of the U2 song were great but once he started his screamy thing I was turned off. Kris rocked it last night though. If he doesn't get into the finals tonight I will be super mad.

Never A True Aggie said...

Kris rocked. I loved it. I thought he did great on his first song, although I wish they would have chosen something else for him. Loved his last song and also felt it was the best version. I don't like Kanye's.

Danny was pretty great too. The first one was sort of weird, but I thought he sang it well. The second was great.

Adam. Hmmm. He actually didn't do it for me tonight. He was not that great on the U2 song. I don't like what he did to change it up. It sounded hokey to me. The 2nd one was ok, but also really predictable. I think that is the problem. He is getting too predictable.

I hope Kris stays and either of the other two.

Julie said...


Another perfect AI finale!!!!