Tuesday, May 05, 2009

AI: Rock Week!

*Duets? This should be fun!
*Paula is releasing a single today? And is addicted to painkillers? Interesting...
*Ooh! I like Guns 'n Roses.

Adam: Will he kill it? Hmmm? Let's see... Dang, boy! Adam is the bad boy I hate to love, I've decided. Because I don't want to love him, but holy cow, I do! Is it wrong that I'm blushing right now over him? That a capella part was amazing.
Holy cow. Yes, I would pay to see him live. I would.
But Kara is annooooooyyyyying. She's more annoying right now than Paula. How is this possible?!

Allison: Ha! Adam's hair girl. Cool.
Okay, how is she going to do? I'm thinking this should be right up her alley...
My only criticism is that her diction is still not very clear. Sure, people know this song, but we shouldn't have to second-guess the lyrics, right? But other than that, I thought she did quite well! Love her voice...

Kris and Danny Duet: Cool chorus going there!
Ooh! I'm liking Danny on this a lot...a lot, lot, actually. This is NOT the genre for Kris, though. Figures. He's more folksy, anyway. Their harmonies are good, though! Oh, Danny --that run on the end was not very good, hon. Sorry. :(
But, hey! That was fun!

Kris: Oh, blah! Carly did this last year, Kris (and she did it well, too). I hope you can do this...
Okay, not bad! In fact, the more I think about it, the more I think Kris was wise to go with the Beatles because Paul McCartney's (or Lennon's) voice wasn't rough-edged, you know? Allison, Adam, and Danny all have this growl (well, maybe not Adam as much, but he has the range) that Kris just doesn't have. Picking an artist he can imitate is good!!
I loved it. I thought it was fabulous! And his guitar playing? Hooray!!
And Kara is an idiot. WHAT-EVER!
And I think Simon was totally wrong this week. How can you compare Kris with Adam? They are completely different in style, genre, voice, inflection, range, etc. Sure, you can prefer one over the other, but Kris is much better than he's giving him credit before. Which makes me sad, because I usually agree with Simon.

Danny: Oh, man! I LOVE this song. Oh, I hope he's in tune!
The verse at the beginning was okay --but the sliding was almost too technical, I think he should have felt it more, rather than sung it, you know?
And the falsetto "dream on's"??? Not good. Oh, boy. Not good at all. The chorus was fine until the end...
Sigh, sigh, sigh. His duet was WAY better than the solo.

Adam and Allison duet: I love this! The perfect pairing, really --I mean, could you see either of them with Kris or Danny? WOW! This was so fun.
In fact, I think this was my favorite performance of the night!

Last thought: COME ON! Judges, seriously? I'm so tired of them saying stupid and critical things. Of COURSE they sound good together and of COURSE Danny and Kris didn't stand a chance --I mean, how could they? There are only four contestants, people! Someone had to sing with someone...and it's Rock Night. Puh-lease...so stupid...

Going home:
I have no idea. I don't even care at this point because these four are great singers!

What did you think?


Cardalls said...

I think Danny will go home...that last note..blech!

You know I don't love Adam, but he is a total performer. And I did love the duet with Allison.

That girl is amazing! I wouldn't buy a CD of hers, but no doubt she is a star in the making!

Kris...I love you but you are not a rock star! Please don't go home yet, at least wait until next week!

Julie said...

I hated tonight. Okay, maybe not hated, but I was really disappointed.

I felt like the entire purpose of tonight was to manipulate the public into voting for the producers' choice for the top 2.

I felt like Kris got the total raw end of the deal on the duets. Danny was not one bit a team player and totally made it about himself (and sucked at it, by the way). There was absolutely zero teamwork on his end. I thought Kris's stage presence was excellent.

Adam's vocals were absolutely stunning, but I didn't enjoy his performance. I feel like when he does the rock songs, he gets into a character and it feels very very staged. BUT...his vocals are absolute perfection.

Allison was amazing and I loved her performance...every second of it.

I thought Kris hit a total home run tonight. He picked a PERFECT song and made it so unique. I loved it and thought it was miles better than Carly's version last year (and she killed it last year). I thought he made it so Kris and totally rocked it. His voice was a perfect fit and the arrangement was so awesome. And the guitar playing? Stellar! I thought the judges got it 100% wrong on him tonight. He, in my opinion, was the most authentic of the bunch and his only competition was Allison. I loved Kris tonight and felt like he got thrown under the bus by the producers.

Danny was the worst I've ever heard him and that's really saying something. Oh, he was HORRIBLE from start to finish. The slide was ridiculous and that "scream" at the end was painful. Like, I wish I could cut off my own ears painful. He was hor.rib.le. I can't tell you how much I hope the guy goes home tomorrow night. Horrible. (I know, tell me how you really feel, right?!)

The duet between Adam & Allison was so good and I would have loved it even more if I had felt like it was anything other than an obvious attempt to get them in the top 2 so Idol could have an image change.

Yeah, I'm still seething. And I watched too late to vote 700 times for Kris, which makes me even more upset.

Julie said...

Oh, and that's my favorite header picture you've ever put up.

Cheryl said...

I agree with both of you --Kris definitely needs to stay and did WAY better than the judges said!

And Julie, thank you! I took that picture in a small park in San Francisco when I was there a few weeks back...

Cardalls said...

Amen Julie! This was a total staged event by the producers to push Adam and Allison into the top 2. And no doubt that Adam will take it!

flip flop mama said...

I love Kris, but didn't feel like he connected very well with the song. He sang it well of course, but I'm not sure it was the right song for him. Danny better go home tonight. Ugh! Allison did really well I thought but I really want to see Kris and Adam as the top 2 not Allison and Adam.

earlfam said...

I think Chris is going home. I loke him but he's out of his league at this point.

Julie said...

I don't think Kris is one bit out of his league. He's probably the most legit of the 4 left --- Adam included. And I love Adam.

So Cheryl, I've been stalking your blog ALL STINKING DAY wanting people to chime in on this so we can all discuss. Come on, people! This was a huge deal to me!!!!!

Sad, I know.

Cheryl said...

Julie, I get it. In fact, I'm kicking myself for not screaming at Kara more over her crap reviews. I mean, she was all "Kris, you shouldn't take risks" and then she's all "Danny, you took a risk, good for you!"

I'm all, what the?!

I would LOVE to have it be a final two between Adam and Kris. Let's have two very talented singers with compeltely different styles competing. Now THAT would be fun! An Adam vs. Allison finale would be so BORING because they are basically the same genre/style-wise.

What's next week supposed to be? Theme, I mean? I guess I'll find out tonight...