Wednesday, May 06, 2009

AI: Rock Week Results Show


*I love the live group performances. They are ten times better than the dubbed ones, although now I realize why they probably dubbed them. Scott's blind, you know. It's not wrong --just makes sense.

*Now, was Paula dubbed? That's the question. Dude --she had to be. No way she could be air lifted, dance like that, and still have any breath left to sing, imo. And the ending was lame.

*Hey! I thought Gwen left No Doubt? Where have I been!? And dude, I don't like that she's all crazy around the stage --not because I'm against the craziness, but because it's making her out of breath and out of TUNE. I'm so disappointed with the out-of-tunage because I LOVE No Doubt.

*If Kris goes tonight, I will be very sad. If Danny goes, I won't be as sad. If Allison goes, I'll actually be okay with it (although I love that girl), and if Adam goes home? That would just be crazy. But I wouldn't cry. I would just be confused.

*First safe person is KRIS!!! YAY! Julie --Kris is safe! He's safe!

*Chris Daughtry was one of my favorites back in that season (which one was it? I missed what they said) and I have been so happy at his success. So happy! He deserves it all.
Wait --is he singing sharp?
Darn me and my aversion to songs even slightly out of tune! Sometimes I wish I was ignorant when it came to pitch. That's what I get for being a musician, dear reader.
Sigh, sigh.
Oh, well. It's a good song! Can't wait to hear it recorded, though.

*Second safe person is...Adam! Well, duh.

*Okay, so who's going home? Allison or Danny?

*OH!!!!!!!!!! Danny is Safe!??!?!


Okay, I was NOT expecting that at all. AT. ALL. Allison going home makes no sense to me. None. Because she is so good at what she does, and last night she was so much better than Danny.
Is Danny on vote for the worst??
DANG IT! Yes, he was.

And here I thought I wasn't going to be upset with Allison leaving.

I'm gonna miss you, Allison! You have such incredible talent and you are going to go far. Don't give up! (Ironic that she's now singing "Cry Baby" and she's crying at the same time...)

What did you think?


Sara said...

I loved Gwen! After Paula's so obviously dubbed performance, I was impressed w/ Gwen and all her dancing, running, etc. I love her anyway, though.
And geez, didn't she just have a baby? No wonder she's so skinny. Maybe I should get a stage job. haha.

I figured Allison would go ... I think those boys just have more girls in love with them. Ya know?

Julie said...

Stupid Danny.

Paula was totally dubbed. She was hardly even moving her mouth at the end there.

Gwen was a'ight and made me realize that maybe part of the whole rocker thing really is acting. But when I saw Aerosmith (and I had good enough seats to really see) in concert, there wasn't that element of a character involved ---- it was so genuine, ya know? That and I heart Steven Tyler, so...ya know.

Again, stupid stupid Danny and his sympathy votes. And his ridiculous amount of airtime during the auditions. Both of those things are going to put him in the top 2 and that seriously ticks me off.

Allison -- I saw the irony, too, with the Crybaby/crying thing. It was really sweet. She is so gifted.

Finally, who cares? Kris is safe!!!! Yes!!!!! I was yelling and cheering for a good 2 or 3 minutes afterward!!!!!

Julie said...

I can't shut up, but you love me anyway.........

I'm also super glad they didn't make Kris appear to be the spoiler. That would have really made me scream. Thank you for acknowledging that he has totally earned his spot in the top 3.

And I'm still wondering --- why in the crap are the judges so freaking in love with Danny? Do they not have ears???????????

Annette Lyon said...

I figured it would be Danny or Allison. Based on lat night, it should have been Danny, but based on the whole season, he deserves to stick around.

I'm seriously part tone-deaf, so I can happily listen to songs and have no clue their sharp or flat. I was never happy about that before . . .

flip flop mama said...

Paula was totally dubbed. She wasn't even moving her mouth during some of the song. Gwen was hard to watch and listen to. She sounded horrible. I'm SO glad Kris was safe! I loved seeing Chris Daughtry again though. He is amazing. I can't wait for his new record. And yuck for Danny being safe. He should have gone home.

Cardalls said...

Danny should have gone...Allison should have stayed...that girl has so much talent and the "it" factor. YAY for Kris staying!

Paula Paula Paula...first of all can you please put the "girls" away or at least cover them up a bit more? And you are way TOO OLD to be acting like Britney!

Love Gwen...she wasn't fabulous last night, but I still love her!

Susan M said...

Allison doesn't really appeal to the AI voting demographic. I figured she'd be going home. I also love Danny. I love them all, actually, and couldn't care less at this point who wins.

Paula was embarrassing. My husband and I were speechless after she performed. We just looked at each other in disbelief. Did you notice how she was lighted so poorly? Obviously to not reveal what a horrible lip syncer she is. But man, that song was ridiculouso. It's like she's trying to be Madonna when Madonna was young enough to pull it off.