Thursday, May 28, 2009

#4 is takin' over for #3 AND Blogging Get-Together!

It finally happened! #3 has entered a new phase (or is transitioning into the new phase, or has slightly flirted with the idea of the new phase) and is becoming --dare I say it?? --obedient. Charming. Easy to get along with!
Sure, it's not perfect, and his transition isn't completely finished, yet, but man alive! It's like he has matured almost overnight. Within one week, I have found myself with an obedient little four year old.
What isn't fair, though, is that #4 seemed to sense the transition. I'm not sure if it was his brotherly duty or the sibling instinct inside of him, but he, too, has entered a new phase. And the flirtation with it isn't happenin'! It's a full-fledged affair, my friend. #4 is now disobedient and destructive, and thinks it's freakin' hilarious.
It was bound to happen, you know. He is two years old --and remember? His brother has graduated from the Terrible Two's and Unreasonable Three's (and they took his Four's with him for quite a while, I noticed). #4 has to take over, right? It's just the Circle of Life. The Law of the Land, the Natural Man, or whatever...
Mark Your Calendars!

That's right, I'm finally (finally, finally, finally) having a Blogging Get-Together. You know, the March, maybe April, how 'bout May? one. But this time, I have set a date! You ready? You have your pen handy?
It'll be on Saturday, June 13th at a certain time.

Yeah, okay, so I don't have the time set in stone, yet. Or the place. Heh. Don't blame me! Blame my inability to make a decision. Now, the place will either be in SLC or Utah Valley. And it will either be around lunchtime or teatime (as opposed to dinnertime). And there will be food. Your job, dear reader, is to leave me a comment and tell me what time you would prefer. And which valley. If nobody leaves me a comment, then I will assume nobody wants to have a Blogging Get-together, and I will eat ice-cream at home all alone. *sniff
[Which actually wouldn't be the end of the world, because I love ice-cream.]

So, let me know!


Amanda D said...

Make it July 13 in Utah Valley and I will so be there!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Either valley/time is fine with me babe. :)

Julie P said...

I say lunch and Utah County! Should we push it back for Amanda? Or just have another one a month later? Oh, the fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for children with improved behavior!

Boo for blogging get togethers that I cannot attend!

flip flop mama said...

Well either place is fine for me but I don't think I'll be there with a new baby and all. Oh and that 800 mile away thing could be a problem too. :) Have fun!!!

m&m said...

you can imagine my preference on location. but if it doesn't work out, call me and I'll come over to help you with that ice cream. :)

Michelle Walker said...

OH CHERYL! NOT a blogging get-together!!! I'm dying a THOUSAND deaths. Aah, gulp, gasp! {silence}

I wish I could come. I wouldn't care what hill it was on, or what valley it was in! (And I'm really not one for social events). I've heard and read so much good from your blogging friends!

Oh, well. I guess I'll just get back into the fetal position.

Have fun! :(

Amber said...

Sigh. No fair. I so wish I could attend your get togethers!

And I had to chuckle about #3 and #4. I was talking to a friend with a bunch of kids and she said someone was ALWAYS going through some kind of a bad phase.