Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ten Things

I was tagged and got the letter "W" because I'm so witty! Well, at least Bythelbs thinks so... :)

Oh, and the rule is you are to list 10 things you love that start with a certain letter. If you want to play along, let me know in the comments and I will give you a letter!


I love that I can get free almost accurate information about almost anything!


I love to walk, hike, and r...walk. Running is okay when I've got motivation and am in training, but I truly would rather enjoy a calm pace so I can enjoy what's around me. Like looking at my husband walk. *giggle

Where the Streets Have No Name:

I love U2's music. I have to admit I'm not a fanatic, nor do I own all their music. But I have never heard anything by them I didn't like! (don't you love this old-school poster?)

Love it. Love to drink it (prefer it over anything, really), love to swim in it (snorkeling is preferred), love to watch it (waves, baby, waves!), love to hear it, and love to smell it (rain!).

Okay, the movie wasn't that awesome for me --too much "save the Earth or we'll all end up in outer space for 700 years! Do it NOW!" And that bugged me. However, I like being Green. Not fanatic-green. Just doin'-my-duty Green. I recycle, I turn off lights, I buy organic, I buy local (try to), and I love the Earth. I think the last one is it. I don't do any of the above because it's "cool" or because some famous person told me I should or because it's all political now. I do it because I love nature. It's kind of my favorite thing, really. Green's my favorite color, too, btw, but it doesn't start with "W". See why I picked Wall-E?

I love learning from people. Smarter people --people who KNOW. Like prophets, seers, and revelators. Also, I enjoy learning from my parents, teachers, old ladies in my ward, blogger friends, Wikipedia (see?), the scriptures, my children, authors who write awesome books, and many, many other people and things.


I love to wish upon a star...but more importantly, I try to be optimistic. That doesn't mean I'm not good at complaining (holy cow do I complain!), but I always end my rants with hope and looking at the positive side. Optimism and hope are things I love, and I'm always reminding myself to remember it. Life without wishes (and watching them come true?) is depressing. I'm depressed enough without adding to it...


Windows are awesome. I especially like old ones (this one above was taken at the Tower of London in January by yours truly). There's just something about windows that make me happy. I love looking out our kitchen window above the sink at our old, old tree-which-has-a-name-I-don't-know. The seasons change this tree dramatically, and I love to watch the changes. I also love a house with open curtains and lots of sunshine. And then, I could wax philosophical on ya' and talk about windows to our souls, etc. and so forth, but I won't right now...
100%, that is! Rolls, breads, tortillas, oatmeal, etc. I love it natural and tend to dislike the white stuff now (I'll still eat it, but I prefer the wheat).


I am always cold. Always! In winter I die, in summer I wear pants. People think I'm strange, but that's how it is. Brandon is naturally warm, so he does pretty good all year round. So, I like socks, pants, jackets, and gloves. And Hawaii. In fact, the picture is of the Na Pali coastline in Kauai --somewhere I've been several times. I love it so much! It's warm there, dear reader. Always warm! Not deathly hot-shoot-me-now --just warm! Sigh...

So, there you have it. Let me know if you want to play!


Jessica :) said...

Wow! You did a great job coming up with "W" things. I might not have fared so well! :)

I would LOVE to play along! It looks like fun!

bythelbs said...

Wonderfully witty job! Weally. I mean, really. Yeah, that was lame, but you love me anyway.

Amanda D said...

Great list. My letter from bythelbs is H. I haven't even started on it.

Two and Two = Family said...

I want to play! And you did great!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Wikipedia is my go-to when the boys ask me questions, I use it all the time. ("almost accurate info" Ha ha!)

Michelle Walker said...

Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! I want to play! My favorite W you did was the old windows.

Cheryl said...

You are getting the letter "N" because I am having a pregnant moment and don't recognize you --so I'm assuming you are "N"ew to my blog. :)

Yes. Yes, I do.

The first thing you should put is Hair. Ha! Oh, and Ha! Put Ha! :)

Two and Two-
Your letter is "I" because of your favorite language, country, people... ;)

Isn't it awesome?! It's Almost the best!

I dub thee with the letter...umm..."T". Because Thai food changed our lives! :)

Two and Two = Family said...

"I" am excited for "I"....."I" will have it posted on my blog with in the next few days..."I" need to think about it some....

flip flop mama said...

This one was great!

Sara said...

fun post! i'm *w*ith you on the walking thing. i have been jogging lately but, really, walking is more enjoyable.

i want to play along ... how do i get a letter tag??? :)

Cheryl said...

Like this! You get the letter "P". I almost gave you "s", but that's waaaay too easy. :)