Tuesday, April 07, 2009

AI: Baby Pictures!

I watched it all before typing, so this will be my after-the-event-thoughts (sorry they are so short!):

1. Baby pictures rock. Awww!

2. My favorite performances of the night were Anoop's, Allison's, and Adam's (The Triple A Threat!).

3. Danny, Kris, and Matt were okay. Matt was flat on that high note, though (ouch); Kris was forgettable, and Danny was good, but not super good.

4. Lil and Scott didn't do so hot and I LOVED everything they said to Lil! Scott was out of tune.

5. My DVR didn't record Adam's performance! AACK! Did you miss it, too? If so, go here and watch his part in it's entirety. I'm so glad I found it!

Who should go home:
Lil or Scott

What did you think?


Janelle said...

Adam! Adam. Fabulous. I had to rewind a few times. I was mesmerized.

I also really liked Matt G. Hmm. Really liked it. Because I love Stevie Wonder. But Matt really sang that well. He also got a rewind. I liked his stage presence.

Maybe Lil and Scott can go home tomorrow night.

Janelle said...

OH and Allison. One of the best songs ever, she sang it well.

But I still hated that a 16 year old was singing it.

Never A True Aggie said...

My favorites were Matt and Adam. Boy, that Adam is weird, but he really is taking it to another level. Actually, that song came out almost exactly that way about 4-5 years ago, but can't remember the artist, so it wasn't super original, but he still rocked it. Matt seemed like he was having a good time. I like the other guy too that I can't think of his name, but he sang that "all she wants to do is dance" song. Oh, Scott. Poor dude. He is nice, but not current. Not in the least. Not even in a Josh Groban way, where you can sing "older" but be young and relatable. And, he was totally off. I think he is gone, or Lil. When she started doing the Tina dance, I was like, "Lil! Stop. Just be you!" I think they had good advice.

flip flop mama said...

Lil tries to hard, Adam was amazing (I'm slowly becoming a fan), Scott has GOT to go, Kris was good, Danny is cheesy, Matt I forget about, Allison eh. Who'd I forget?

Tamra said...

my ranking based on last nights performance:


i loved that mad world arrangement (its Gary Jules). I actually prefer The Jules version but Adam did great on it too. Also, I thought Danny and Matt were pretty horrible but it seemed like judges and everyone else liked them a lot - I don't get it.

Cheryl said...

Yes! Yes! I don't get it, either. Especially with Matt being out of tune --how is that good? I don't get it! And your ranking was MY ranking --holy cow, it's like we're sisters or something! ;)

Lizzie said...

Ok, I think I may be the only person in America who think this, but...

I absolutely hted Adam's performance. HATED it. I was actually quite mad by the end, especially because I knew everyone was going to be all up in their seats and loving it.
I have a VERY personal connection (nothing literal. Not like I 'went to school and I was very nervous' one time or anything like that, it's just sort of one of those soundtrack songs for a time in my life) with that song. So when it started, I was actually really excited about it. I really started off thinking this guy was going to do right by the song. And then he started singing. Yes, his singing was good, but I felt nothing. Nothing. And the fact that I could feel nothing while listening to THAT song is astounding. Horrifying. He's a good actor, but that's all he was doing. He was ACTING the emotions of that song instead of feeling them, and the fact that he would play pretend instead of really doing the song justice just pissed me off. Like, a lot. It seemed forced and contrived, and to borrow a phrase from Simon, indulgant. And I think the fact that it came off as amazing to so many is credit to the song and the song alone.

Ok, Adam rant officially over.

No one else blew out of the water in either a good or a bad way. (Well, I guess Scott could have killed me, but I can't stand listening to his nasally voice anymore so I just FF through the dude). I did think Kris was kind of hot surrounded by his harem of women. No one else seemed to enjoy that...

Lizzie said...

Ok, so I just learned that the version of 'Mad World' that I'm familiar with isn't even the original. Now I'm thinking I may have been a bit judgemental, considering if you look at the original, Adam actually did it justice. Sacre just did it much MUCH better.

Cheryl said...

I'm glad you figured out what the original was, and which version Adam was doing (the cover, really), because I wasn't sure how to respond to your Adam Rant. ;)

Btw, Tears for Fears is awesome! Just puttin' it out there. :)