Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Snow, Twilight, and Vacation!

Spring Break started today (who heard of a 3-day Spring Break? Obviously our school district) and it's SNOWING.
Big-flaked, cold, wet SNOW.
It's snowing all over my tree that has blossomed into beautiful flower-i-ness. You know the picture on my heading now? That's the tree! The beautiful tree! Now completely covered in cold cruelty.
Oh, the humanity!!
How do you listen to your music?
I just realized today that I get obsessive with my music --I tend to listen to the same thing over and over and over and then completely change styles and move on to something else. Examples:

*One month all I listened to in the car was a mix-CD Bythelbs made me. The mix wasn't super eclectic, as the songs were similar in style.
*For almost 2 months I would only listen to Josh Groban.
*One time, I only listened to the Romantic Slow Songs mix I made from my brother's honeymoon.
*Then, for a time, it was all Country.
*Next I went for Enya.
*And now I'm obsessed with the Twilight soundtrack (another gift from Bythelbs. Yes, she loves me. I'm okay with that).

Please note that all this music-listening-time is only spent in the car (mini-van) because my kids don't allow me to listen to my music for very long in the house. Plus I don't like taking music back and forth from the car to the house and I don't use my iPod or an mp3 player (I know, I'm completely insane. Whatever). So, I settle.
I'm not above settling.
Anyway, the point is (there is a point!) that right now I'm listening to Twilight, and I realized --I still haven't seen the movie. How could I not have seen the movie?!
What is taking me so long!?
So, I asked Brandon to buy it for me for Mother's Day. He scoffed and said "you don't want that. Why buy a movie you haven't seen and may not like?"
And so I thought about it.
And I still want it.
The books were good for me because it gave me a chance to let out my 16-year old fantasies (what? You never fantasized about true love with a Vampire before? Huh.) without actually indulging in those type of selfish, crazy, unrealistic fantasies, you know? (because the chances of running away with a 17 year old vampire is so likely...) The books themselves weren't great literary pieces, but the story was Fun.
That's the point.
(Although Annette, that smart woman, gave a really great reason as to why young girls should not being reading these books and how grown Women are going crazy with obsession over the whole thing and how Edward displays all the classic signs of an abuser, and how will our girls know the difference when they meet an actual abuser and they think he's just like Edward??--You should read it here. It's very, very good!)

And now that I'm obsessed with the soundtrack, I want the movie to complete my fun-ness. So, everybody convince Brandon he should get me Twilight for Mother's Day. I know most of you have seen it and actually liked it, right? I'm pretty sure I'll like it, too.
Cheesiness and all!
[FYI --No, I cannot just "get" the movie myself. Where's the fun in that? And financially, if I buy it for myself, it's a waste of money. If Brandon buys it for me as a gift, then it's not a waste. See how this works? So, don't convince me to buy it, because I just can't bring myself to do it...]
Speaking of Twilight, as I was listening to Muse (and I don't know their music that well), I realized that Adam from American Idol sounds a lot like Matthew Bellamy (the lead singer). Like a lot, lot. Did anyone notice that before? I'm wondering if Adam is going for that...
Tomorrow we are going on vacation! We're heading north for three days with some friends (they have four kids...we have four kids...we're both expecting our!). It should be fun. I'll let you know when we get back!


flip flop mama said...

After listening to the music on bythelbs blog I can see why you like the CD. I saw the movie a few weeks ago, but it's not one I would own since I probably won't watch it ever again. But if that's what you want, then don't let down and get Brandon to buy it for you, gosh darn it! :)

Have a fun weekend!

FluffyChicky said...

Have fun on your trip!

Amanda D said...

Don't have him buy you the movie. Wait until it's in the $5 bins. It's not worth it. I saw it at the theater and thought it was..okay and then I got it from netflix because I've been told how it's better the second time. It's not. It was worse. I was so disappointed with the movie. I liked the books -- they are 100x better. I've heard good things about the soundtrack, but I haven't heard it.

Have a fun weekend! I hope it's not snowing where you're going. :)

Rebekah said...

I'm glad you discovered the soundtrack! It's awesome. I listened to it so much that I'm afraid I might get sick of it! ...but probably not.

brenbot said...

Regarding music, I am all about pandora and lastfm.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I go into musical obsessive ruts too...I just barely started listening to the radio in the car again after weeks and weeks of listening only to Susan M's mixed CD from the Vegas trip!

And I agree with Amanda on the Twilight not worth it.

And have a fun trip!

Tammy said...

Let's just say there's no danger of Twilight getting an Oscar....however I love it. I went into it knowing they were going to turn it into a cheesy teenage flick and that it wasn't going to be the greatest film ever. if you think it is the greatest film ever you'll already be setting yourself up for disappointment. Good luck!!!

Two and Two = Family said...

the music is wonderul i agree, but to buy the doesn't matter who buys it for you it will still be a waiste of money. if you talk to stephanie h. she will tell you it is great, but i've seen it three times now and each time it was the same...somewhat of a disappointment. Rent it and you'll be happy, or wait until you find it somewhere for $5....
Have a great trip!!! Hope that it isn't snowing where you're going, but if it's north then most likely yes. By the time you come back it will be nice here...

Ryan and Missy- said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Twilight soundtrack! It's so great.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't necessarily pay $20 for the movie, but maybe you could pick one up previously viewed. I don't know if "liked" is exactly the right word for how I feel about it. It was thoroughly entertaining to me in ways I'm sure the director had never intended. I saw it in the theater and then again over at a girlfriend's house on PPV. I think Amanda might be right to a certain extent---in some ways it was worse the second time, but still thoroughly entertaining. Again, probably for all the wrong reasons.

Glad you like the music!

Alison Wonderland said...

I love your gift philosophy, I have the same one.
And honestly I don't get why he's resisting, most guys are stoked to have an idea, any idea, for mother's day.

Brandon- Get the woman the Twilight movie already!

Cardalls said...

I am with you on the Twilight books...were great fun, good escape from life. Did not love, did not obsess..totally agree with Annette on the whole not appropriate for young girls to read them! I haven't seen it either!

Susan M said...

I tend to get stuck on one song and listen to it on repeat for days. Lately it's been the Mountain Goats "Oceanographer's Choice."