Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AI: Tarantino, Baby!

Well, I'm not really a fan of Quentin Tarantino. How could I be? I don't watch his movies. So, I guess I have neither fan-ness or un-fan-ness. I'm a Tarantino Neutral. Like Switzerland.

Allison: Besides the fact I always thought the lyrics of this song was lame (who in the world would give up sleep just to hear someone breathing!? Get him a breathe-right-strip, already!), I think this song is kind of too low for her --which makes it kind boring, at least at the beginning. But then it got pretty cool at the end; and it just got better and better and better. Dude, she can rock!
Great job, Allison!

Anoop: Ooh! Bryan Adams! 8th grade, man, 8th grade! Those were the days...Anyway, I'm liking the different way he's taking the melody on this. Interesting how he's not taking Tarantino's advice on how to sing the song. It was kind of safe, you know? But it was in tune, it was romantic, and it was sweet! I was lookin' in your eyes, Anoop...
Ha! How hilarious that Randy just said "he was in tune" because I just said that, too! I rock, yo! I rock!

Adam: Oh, Adam. You were definitely born to be wild (*shameless giggle)! I just realized he has really white teeth. I need whiter teeth. Huh.
I'm sorry --but he is just the coolest thing ever. I would pay to go to one of his concerts just to see what he would do and I can see myself as an Adam Groupie. What is it about him that I love so much? I was so creeped out originally, and now I'm so in love with him. It's trippin' me out, this 180 degree turn of mine...
Paula's an idiot. Where does she come up with these quotes? "Look at me! I'm so poetic!"
Simon has a point.

Matt: I LOVE this song --the lyrics are amazing. I hope Matt does it justice --he's back at the piano, so it's possible, you know? Oh, crap. He went out of tune there for a second...okay...chorus coming...good! Good! The chorus is good so far --OH, NO! His voice cracked so bad and then it got worse and worse...crap! Voice cracking is NOT good.
Sigh. I've never been that impressed with Matt, and it's not working anymore, either. Poor guy.
And they are being WAY too nice to him right now. Oh, well.

Danny: Okay, people. What bugs me is that just like Scott, Danny is getting a sympathy vote. He is! He's the widower, so we're supposed to like him. I didn't say it was right --it's just what it is --and the whole love song thing, you know? Sigh.
A Harp? Okay. Oops! Didn't hit "my" on the second phrase. It's getting better...and better...ooh! Keep going, Danny! I can feel your endless love!
Oh, I got kind of teary there. I get the whole sympathy for the widower, now. Darn it.

Kris: I don't recognize this song --I'm gonna have to google it afterwards. It's kind of low...oh, it gets higher. That's good --he's better in the upper register. Oh, it's beautiful!
Not bad, Kris, not bad! I just wish it was a little bit longer --because it didn't get going enough before it ended, you know?

Lil: Oh, blah, blah, blah. This is one of my all-time favorite songs, and it sounds better sung straight. But Lil can't sing straight, you know? I mean, the Gospel turn on it isn't a bad thing --it's what she does best. But not WITH THIS SONG. It makes no sense to me. Maybe it's just my Lil prejudice comin' out? Maybe. However, she was all over the place. Nothing made sense. There was no uniformity to it and I didn't like it.
Paula, just be quiet!
Simon rocks the world. He got it right, you know? He always gets it right.
Soooooo glad my TiVo cut off in the middle of Lil's ranting...

Who will go home:
Matt or Lil

Who's the most obnoxious:

What did you think?


Two and Two = Family said...

oh good, I get to be first!
I didn't like Allison tonight. Anoop wansn't half bad.
Adam-I wasn't a fan either at the start, but like you I would go see him and be a groupie!
Matt was bad!
Danny-it might be sympathy...but I really like him.
Kris~I didn't know the song either, but I really really liked it. I wasn't sure at the start, but by the end he had me hooked...
Lil-gospel yes, but not on this song! Oh my oh my!!!

Home - you're right Matt or Lil....Could we be so lucky as to say both????

Tamra said...

opinion of performances last night (from best to worst)

Allison, Danny, Matt

I loved Kris's song choice and I thought it was awesome. Adam also did great, but I think I prefer mellow Adam. Anoop was really onn last night as well. Allison, Danny and Matt were all tied in my eyes. They all really didn't do that well and made super cheesy song choices. I was happy they finally gave some love to Allison but annoying that it was on one of her worst performances. Lil was just horrible, as always.

Susan M said...

I didn't think Kris's song was that obscure (it won an Oscar last year) but I guess it was. It's by Glen Hansard, one of my fave singers ever. He's from a band called The Frames. Best live band going right now.

I thought Movie week was a bad idea.

Danny needs to drop the always-singing-for-his-dead wife thing occasionally. I love it but I can see it getting old for people.

About the white teeth---they give all the contestant teeth whitening treatments. It's obvious.

flip flop mama said...

I totally agree with Susan--movie week was lame. Everyone was just okay. I didn't really like Adam's all that much. Lil has got to go. She is trying way too hard and then to go off on Simon. Come on! Loved Kris' song but is it just me or does everyone go "Oh yeah, I forgot about him." every time Matt comes on stage? In fact I just had to scroll up to remember his name. He's just forgettable.

Lizzie said...

In order of performance:

Allison: Oh my gosh, Cheryl, I totally agree on the song thing! I've alwaysw been bugged by this song, because I can just picture Steven Tyler in bed with some poor woman, and he's belting out about how he doesn't want to sleep, and she's desperately clutching a pillow over her ear, thinking 'ok, just because this idiot doesn't want to sleep doesn't mean *I* don't want to sleep! SHUT UP!'. I think she must have sounded better in the theater than she did on tv, because it was a little weak for me, but she got mad praise. Huh.

Anoop: I really wish he had taken Quentin's advice. I like my men to sound, you know, like men. It's not sexy to me to sound sooooooooo sensitive. You gotta dirty it up a little. But man do I love Bryan Adams. Cheesy? Maybe, but I can't help myself...

Adam: Absolutely LOVED! I love that he's got his look back this week, I was worried that AI was taming him a bit. Oh, and Cheryl, I read a story this week and TOTALLY thought of you and your Adam-love. Here's the exerpt that made me think of you--“Lapin,” Remy said, falling back on the boy’s longtime nickname and trying his best to sound as kind as he could given the circumstances. “You do know those are girls’ pants, right?”

Emil let out an overdramatic, long-suffering sigh that suggested he’d dealt with this before.

“They’re called skinny jeans,” Emil pointed out with far more dignity than was required. “And I’ll have you know the chicks dig ‘em.”

Remy’s suspicion of the jeans shifted to a level of disbelief he wouldn’t have thought himself capable of five minutes ago.

“I hate to break it to you Emil, but I’m pretty sure there’s no universe in which those are attractive.”

“You ever actually worn a pair Remy?”

He’d never, thank the powers, and therefore that round went to Emil. Remy still had his dignity though, and he’d take that as opposed to a moral victory over girls’ pants any day. His cousin leered triumphantly at the silence, relishing what he presumably thought of as his win. “Yeah. S’what I thought.”

Henri just laughed, hooking his thumbs through the belt-loops of his own jeans and leaning back against his car.

“Don’t worry too much about it, Remy. Those ‘chicks’ Emil’s talking about are all fifteen year old scene girls who think it’d be hot to watch him and one of his guy friends make out.”

The pout that Remy had meant to get with a joke about Emil’s hair spread across his cousin’s face now. It was almost as satisfying as if he’d been the one to put it there.

I don't know, it made me think immediately of you and Adam. I suppose you're the 15 year old scene girl in this scenerio.

Matt: I thought it was cool... not as good as I was hoping. But I still love him. It really showed that he was not super confident about this song choice.

Danny: Same deal, every week. I mean, it was good, but we're getting predictable, buddy. Sigh... he used to be kind of sexy, right? I feel like that's been gone for a looooooooong time now.

Kris: Ok, both Wayne and I totally had CHILLS with this one. Neither one of us knew the song, but we LOVED it. Judges comments came as a shock. Maybe he was like the opposite of Allison, it came out better through the tv than live.

Lil: Bah. Quentin was totally right, the first half of the song was a throwaway. The second half was slightly better. Still, nothing to get me inspired in the least.

Ok, so I actually LOVE the movie-night theme. And I was surprised how awesome Quentin's critiques were. WAAAAAAAAAY better than Randy Travis. But it was funny, I watched this after I got home from my acting class, and I lot of the critiques the singers got were very similar to ones I had just heard earlier in the night, and they work both ways. Very interesting....

Never A True Aggie said...

Sorry. I am like two days late here. The Kris song is from a Movie called Once. Don and I love it. The Frames are way cool too. The movie is a love story without sex. It is great. Although there are a few "f's: in there, but the people speak in an irish accent so you can't tell too much. Just don't watch it with the kids. What I like is it shows a true relationship. It is about two struggling artists and making a first album, both dealing with lost loves and supporting and helping each other. Actually, if you are looking for a good soundtrack, the Once soundtrack is great. It was described as a musical that is not a musical. Anyway, I think you would like it.