Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Purging Spectrum

April is gonna be pretty busy:
*General Conference
*Brandon will be in London for another week (he leaves this weekend).
*Spring Break
*#1's 8th birthday!
*A little weekend jaunt to San Francisco --Brandon starts school on the 26th and "partners" are invited for an orientation (just for us, whoo-hoo!) on that day, so I'm going with him for a few days.
*Getting ready for #1's Baptism which will be the first weekend in May.

And yet, I don't feel stressed about it. In fact, I'm more stressed about the fact my printer isn't connected to my laptop upstairs. Curses! I may actually have to walk down to the office and...gasp! see what's wrong. Who has time for that?

Actually, I do. Which is good. All day Saturday --the last one --Brandon and I cleaned out, unpacked, organized, purged, and set-to-order the office! Hooray! At last! I've been taking my sweet time over the last year to do so, because I really had no reason to. And Brandon didn't have a reason to help me. However, he realized he needs somewhere to study that is away from the noisy family --and his motivation to clean out the office was born! Frankly, I'm glad. Because there's no way I could have done it without him (the pack rat had to purge and recycle half the stuff because I had no IDEA what most of it was for) and I was so proud of him! He purged like a pro.
You know --like me.

So, that's another check off the list. Let's see...the game closet is done, the bathroom is finished, the playroom is purged, the backyard is cleaned up, and now the office...That just leaves:
*The other bathroom
*The Master bedroom
*The kids' rooms (clothes, etc.)
*The laundry room
*The guest room
*The food-storage-under-the-stairs-isn't-this-where-we-just-throw-everything? room
I want it done before the baby is born which will be...holy crap, in 4 months! I better get crackin' before my body gets too big/tired/cow-like.

What is the point of all this? I don't know. My last post was just so...thought-provoking (no, not the American Idol one, come on!), I think I was ready for random thought-spewing. So...ummm...give me your thoughts on...purging.
Yes! Purging!

Where do you fall in the purging spectrum? Are you a hoarder of things, or a purger of things? Do you want to change either way? How do you make it work (either hoarding or purging)? And what of organization? Do you feel happier when organized, or crazier?


Annette Lyon said...

I guess I'm a big of both, because areas are constantly in need of purging. It feel so good after I've done it, but there's always another area that needs it. The worst right now: the storage room.

Two and Two = Family said...

I think I'm both...the attic needs to be purged in the worst way..there are boxes from 10 years ago when we moved in that have never been opened...HELP!!!

Right now I'm done with the kids rooms and I'm doing mine today. Then the bathrooms and then the main floor (which I do often) and I'm done...and then I'll venture up to the attic and get lost or eaten by the clutter monster that I know lives up there!!!

I think that we need to remember to purge ourselves once in a while too. Get rid of the stuff that we don't need and keep only the good stuff that can help us be better people...that includes thoughts, music, conversations, feelings, etc.. That is the purging that I need to do more often. I hold onto thoughts and feelings longer than I should and they are what take me down....

Thanks for making me think about it..I'm going to put that on my list today as well....though it will take a life time!

If you need help with anything-remember to call me.

blogging and bliss~ said...

I am a purger in fact I have gotten into quite a bit of trouble with my honey being this way. I hate all the clutter. I was pretty good last weekend and managed to clean out our shed. I threw away a Ton of stuff. Most stuff just gets lost and ruined out there. I just need to throw it away instead of throwing it in there. I am done with the kids' rooms and my room. I did the laundry room last month. Now just a few cupboards that are bothering me. But there is nothing like that feeling when you are prego and want to clean and organize... HAVE FUN!!!!

Kimberly said...

My husband is a hoarder and I am a purger to the extreme! I throw away everything (like important bills and papers and stuff) and it drives my husband mad! I just love to see empty closets, fridges, countertops, ect.... I should probably work on this for hubby's sake!

Anonymous said...

I'm a hoarder and a purger. I definitely feel happier when organized, but I'm often too lazy or angst-ridden (over the purging) to get there.

Alison Wonderland said...

I really want to tell you that I'm a purger but in reality I'm sort of bulimic, I binge, I purge, I binge, I purge.

FoxyJ said...

I vacillate between saving and purging. We've moved several times during the last few years and moving always seems to precipitate some purging for me. I tend to go through cycles with books--I'll buy/collect a bunch, then decide to get rid of a bunch. We just decided we're moving again this summer (hopefully UT!) and I'm already looking around trying to figure out what I can get rid of!

I am definitely happier living more simply and being more organized. The hardest thing for me lately is the mountain of stuff my kindergartener brings home every day from school. I've got to get a handle on it soon!