Wednesday, April 29, 2009

AI: Results, Whooo!

*Fun Ford commercial, although it reminded me of the end of this literal video (slow-mo!).

*Man, I love the songs they did in the group song --and holy cow, are they doing it live? They sound great! I swear I was supposed to be born in the age of Big Band. I love this stuff.

*Dude. Today I was just thinking of ways to cut corners, and I was reading sites on how to start the cake fight made me cringe. All that food wasted --and crap food, at that. It just made me sigh (and not laugh). It's the responsible mother in me...

*Whoah! Adam is in the bottom three for the first time, eh? Wait --is it Kris' first time, too? I wish I could say I was surprised, but I'm not. American Idol has shown us often that sometimes America gets the voting wrong --and it happens every season. Every season.

*Natalie Cole --Whoah! She has short hair. When did she cut it? I love how classy she still looks after all these years, and I like her --she made me smile the whole time she was singing (and thank goodness she can sing, unlike the Disco-Disaster last week!). I mean, she's not amazing (the ending was rough), but she knew what she was doing, you know?

*Taylor Hicks --Ha! I remember just loving him in season 5 because he was so fun and original for the show, you know? But he's been kind of MIA the last 3 years. I did see that he starred in Grease in San Francisco or something like that (maybe it was just a concert version?) a few months back (the signs are still up all over BART). Ooh! Guitar AND harmonica, eh? You go, Taylor! (I'm only half joking, you know. I admire me the harmonica, and I love country music!)
I just wish the song wasn't so loud throughout (it only had one dynamic, and that's boring). OH! They just mentioned Grease! Ha! And Simon just rolled his eyes... that was not funny, but totally expected...

*Kris is safe! Good! But Adam is in the bottom two!?!? Now I know why Judi called me 10 minutes ago...

*Jamie Foxx --I don't like that voice-thingy-robot-changer-thing he's using. I hope he takes it off soon. I want to hear his own voice, you know? And HALLELUJAH!! Jamie Foxx doesn't need half-naked women dancing on stage with him! Could this be because he's a dang good performer on his own? Could it be that he respects women? Could it be that he has good taste? I don't know. I haven't seen any of his videos, so I could be totally wrong. Plus, this whole song could be about skanky women, I don't know --I'm not listening to the lyrics very closely. Still, it's just nice to NOT have women making complete skanks of themselves on stage for once (not that I have deep feelings about this or anything).

*And Ryan is right --Jamie was the best mentor on the show this season, and I just loved what he said! You're awesome, Jamie...even when you shamelessly promote your movies (*snort)...

*Who's going home?? WHO???

*OH, THANK GOODNESS!!!! I thought I was going to die for a second. Matt is gone and Adam is safe! Hooray! I think America got it RIGHT on this time (just because he wasn't going to win, and I'm okay to see him go over the other four). He will do well in this industry, I think. He'll find his niche and make a great album. Yeah. Matt will be just fine!

What did you think?


Gio, Judi and Boys said...

sorry i called and ruined it some for time i'll know to wait. okay, the adam thing was stressful - especially the bottom 2!!! It was time for matt to go, though i wasn't too fond of allison this week. next week should be good with 'rock and roll'. we'll see.
taylor hicks was interesting..i didn't care too much for natalie cole and jamie foxx is the bomb...

oh yeah, i will try to make it to the baptizm on saturday. my d-law from italy is coming 4 days earlier than expected and now i really have a lot to do!!!

Annette Lyon said...

Here's my theory--they didn't actually SAY that Adam was in the bottom two--just that Kris was safe. So I think they had him there hanging out with Matt for the sake of the drama.

I figured Matt or Allison would go, and I was right.

My girls were totally freaking out. They asked if they could run outside and scream if Adam left. I said yes. My neighbors can thank America for not getting annoyed tonight. :)

Julie said...

I loved the drama of it all. And while I love Matt, it was okay that he left tonight.

Jamie Foxx really had good things to say tonight (really -- I LOVED them), but I really disliked his song...especially because I know he has a great voice.

The food fight made me super mad, too, and then Danny's whole "What? American Idol doesn't pay for this?" comment seriously ticked me off. I was glad to see the classier other 3 not really taking part in the whole gig. And Pinching Your Pennies is the place to go for couponing advice. Call me and I'll walk you through it sometime.

Taylor was cute and I have to admit I really did love him during his season. I said he would win after his first audition and I cheered him all the way to the finish. He's definitely had a hard time finding his niche, but he sounded good tonight. Loved the harmonica, but could have done without the guitar....distracting.

I think Adam needed tonight. It will be good for his ego.

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Susan M said...

Me: "Who charges $6,000 to clean a kitchen?!"

My husband: "Well, they also broke a bowl."

Me: "So it was a $5,900 bowl?"