Sunday, March 08, 2009

What Makes a Great Sunday

  • Returning home from the morning choir (and a musical number) practice to find all your children ready for church --including hubby.
  • Realizing in Sacrament Meeting that besides the tired two-year old, your kids are pretty dang reverent!
  • Sitting next to the best women in the ward during SS and RS.
  • Getting a lot out of the lessons even though you forgot your scriptures.
  • Eating hubby's fabulous Thai Soup, and loving him for putting in only 1 hot pepper instead of 3.
  • Cleaning the kitchen while your older 3 kids play Chutes and Ladders quietly in the playroom and your youngest takes a nap.
  • Going for a great family walk along the river, and then loving the looks on your kids' faces when walking underneath a railroad bridge with a real train going over it.
  • Eating dinner together and realizing all of your kids liked it!


Michelle Walker said...

That post made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I wish my hubby could make Brandon's fabulous thai soup!

Julie said...

Today I could do a "what makes a bad Sunday" list. We had Stake Conference...enough said, right?

Glad yours was so nice!!!

flip flop mama said...

Glad you had such a great day!

Annette Lyon said...

Sounds like a dream!

Susan M said...

Miracles have not ceased! :)

Cardalls said...

We had stake conference too (a broadcast from SLC), but ours only lasted for 90 really went FAST and BOOM we are done with church for the day. It was awesome! The kids were fairly reverent too, until the last 10 minutes and that's okay for me.

Ann said...

Sounds like an awesome Sunday! And I'm trying really hard to not be offended.....I thought you were supposed to invite us over every time you made Thai food. ;)

Liz said...

Wait, Cheryl, you sat by ME during RS. Must be some sort of mistake. :)

JustRandi said...

Wait! What makes the "best woman in the ward"? I want to be her!

(Unless it involves really a lot of work, and then I guess I'll just get by being me.)

Anonymous said...

Nice sabbath. I was a bit thrown by DST and snow and several primary personnel calling to tell me they wouldn't be at church. But our sacrament meeting talks were excellent and the primary thing worked out and my kids did not spend the day fighting, so it all ended well.

Cheryl said...

Next time. Next time. :)

Exactly! Between you and Michelle, what more could I need?

They equate down-to-earth women who have struggled, who are slow to judge, and who are kind, thoughtful, funny, and smart. So--just like you!