Saturday, March 07, 2009


I'm watching School of Rock right now, and I just remembered something I should have told everyone when I talked about how much I love The Amazing Race:

Mike White and his father are running the race (and doing awesome!). Who's Mike White? He wrote School of Rock and starred as Ned Schneebly in it. He also produced Nacho Libre!

Anyway, it's just kind of cool seeing him on The Amazing Race (and then again in School of Rock). Just wanted you to know!
That's all.


Amber said...

I. LOVE. Amazing. Race. Seriously. I even tried to apply once but they don't accept Canucks.

cornnut32 said...

i watched school of rock on tv last night, too! and when i saw ned on the amazing race i couldn't believe it. crazy crazy.

Julie said...

I completely adore School of Rock. And Ned is one of the funnest characters on it -- maybe I'll watch the Amazing Race...but probably not since I don't need yet another show to become addicted to.