Thursday, March 05, 2009

AI: Wildcard!

Jesse: Not bad --because I like her stage presence! I like her a lot, actually. Her voice isn't perfect, but I like her.

Matt: Much better than when he attempted to sing Coldplay. Like night and day, people! I was very impressed.

Megan: Oh, not the hips, Megan! STOP IT! ~sigh~ They need to keep the camera on her gorgeous face and away from her crazy wiggling. She sounded awesome, though! Loved it. Except the end note. That was...weird. But I still love her voice so much!

Von: Huh. I didn't like the beginning --his falsetto doesn't do it for me. But he did a great chorus. But the problem is...ooh! What Brandon said: his desperation. It was okay.

Jasmine: First off --I hate it when people try to sing this song because it's so much harder than they realize! It's a tough one (and Christina was brilliant when she sang it). With that said, I thought she did okay. It wasn't amazing, but she pulled it off, I think. Not bad.

Ricky Braddy: I love what he's wearing and I'm totally digging his stage presence, too. Not bad --there was some pitch stuff in there, but overall, I really liked it! He's got the whole package, really. Interesting.

Tatiana: The same song?! What? Doesn't she know anything else? And well, at least the flowy dress is gone and replaced with...sequins! But people, I'll say it again: She has a beautiful voice. However, it was still boring. Until it was over and what the CRAP is up with her accent?! And the laugh is back!? Oh, sheesh. And she's fighting with Simon?!? Tatiana has this duel personality or something. She's insane. Insane, people!

Anoop: Too low at the beginning, buddy. But man, this song took me back. To middle school --I think. Go, Anoop! Awesome big notes and ending!! Yes! I loved it. Can't help it. I love Anoop!!

Who I think they'll pick (I promise I did this before they announced it):
Ricky, Megan, Anoop, or Jasmine

Who they DID pick:
Jasmine, Megan, and then...MY TIVO QUIT!! Yeah, it didn't record the ending. My sister even called me and asked who the third person was because she didn't get it on her TiVo, either. Figures! So, I went to the website and it said the third pick was....
...not on there.
So, I googled it! and found...

IT'S A TOP 13, PEOPLE! Whoah! Anoop and Matt both got in! So, that makes, Jasmine, Megan, Anoop, and Matt.

Crazy stuff, man.

All righty! I'm just glad Tatiana didn't make I'm sure all of you will agree (but she still has a great voice. Admit it already, people!).

What did you think?


Ryan and Missy- said...

I just checked my google reader to see if you had done an AI update yet and it didn't show anything, but I knew you would have, so I came directly to your blog and was so happy to see it! My Tivo cut it off too :(

I am SO glad the judges said something about Tatiana's accent. I noticed it last week and thought it was "new".

AND I LOVE that Anoop is #13. I almost cried for him. There's just something about him!

Thanks for your AI updates/reviews. I always look forward to reading them.

Natalie said...

My DVR cut off the ending too and it was 11:00 when I started watching it. We texted the only person I thought might know (and still be awake) but she only told us about Matt. I was good with that. So when I read your blog this morning I was surprised to say the least! Yea Anoop! Does he remind you of Nick Bradbury in a very weird way? Thanks for keeping me updated...

Susan M said...

I thought it'd be Megan, Matt, and Anoop. Jasmine has potential, so I'm glad she made it too.

Tatiana sounds good when she starts belting. But the quiet notes were horrible. She is insane.

Julie said...

We set our DVR to record 10 minutes over because of the finale last year!

I jumped up so high when they announced that Anoop was going to go through as number 13 that I hit my thumb on the ceiling and bent my thumbnail back! I even actually got teary eyed -- ha ha!

I was happy with who they chose for the wildcards....only because Anoop got through. I was pretty upset when they put Jasmine through because I felt like she wasn't as good as the three guys (Ricky, Matt, & Anoop) and they were just choosing her because they needed more girls (and I'll just say it...a more diverse top 12, too). SO, when they chose her and Anoop didn't go through (who I thought was fantastic this week) I was mad. But then I was happy. I'll miss Ricky, but I don't think he was as good this week as his first week, so I'm okay with that one. Matt was excellent this week.

I'm rambling. But I'm right and I'm happy about the group this year.

Oh, and Megan's dancing is growing on me.
And Tatiana is such a train wreck. That accent that she pulls out to ride on the coat tails of Jorge's good will...YIKES! I'm SO happy they didn't put her through.

PS, I was SO right about this format -- best top 13 in a long time because people can't sneak through week after week -- it's like March Madness -- win or go home. I love it!

Okay, officially done. I think this is why I started blogging about this last year...because I was blogging in your comments!! :)

Julie said...

Okay...not done...just had to say that I thought it was pretty tacky that they brought Tatiana back just so they could mock her.
She's a train wreck, but she's also a person with feelings, ya know?

Annette Lyon said...

Our TiVo stopped recording before the end too. ARGH! Of course, it's AI's fault for always going over.

I'm glad Tatiana is gone. And I still with Felicia would have been given one more shot. But I'm pretty happy with the top 13.

Anonymous said...

I missed the end too. I still think the top 13 has a few people that stole the spots from more deserving contestants. But isn't that how it always seems to go?

And Tatiana definitely has her moments, but overall, bleh. And Susan's right. That woman is cra-zee.

Courtney N said...

Come on people! You gotta learn how to work the TiVo! 10 minutes over, at least, for any kind of live show. And 30-45 minutes over for any kind of sporting event. Not to hard! Anyways, I was screaming at the TV when they announced that they were having a top 13. Anoop is the best!

Cheryl said...

Actually, now that you say it, yes! Because Anoop is that geeky braniac, and yet so cool with sex appeal, too. Not that Nick had/has sex appeal! Okay, he did, but it's weird saying that because he was like a brother to me. *shudder*

You can blog in my comments whenever you would like to! There's no rule against it around here. :) And yes, Tatiana does have feelings --and although I was rolling my eyes at Paula's consoling, I was glad she did it.

Oh, fine! I'll take the time to change my TiVo schedule. Make my life harder, wouldja? ;)

flip flop mama said...

Aww crap! I totally forgot about the show last night! I was at book club and wished I hadn't gone since I was feeling really tired and everyone was bumming me out because I still have 3 more months of being pregnant. Now I REALLY wish I hadn't gone since I missed the wild card show! lol Thanks for the recap. Now we can get on with the show!

Cardalls said...

I really am so happy Anoop got in, he is so talented. I really am so happy Tatiana didn't get in, she is a drama queen who yes has a good voice, but I could never like her due to dual personalities!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I feel like I have to start watching American Idol so I can know what everyone's talking about. But then I remember that I don't enjoy watching American Idol as much as I enjoy hearing other people talk about American Idol.